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Practical Legal Guides for Construction and Technology Projects

About the Series

The books in this series provide lawyers and construction professionals with the relevant knowledge, resources and practical guidance to understand the contemporary construction industry and the law necessary to achieve successful outcomes for construction projects. The topics covered include front-end issues such as project procurement, the production, negotiation and administration of contracts, and the avoidance of disputes, as well as backend issues such as taking part in, managing or resolving disputes. The series aims to keep abreast of the technologies that have increasing impact in changing traditional ways of working, contracting and resolving disputes.

Readers will include lawyers and construction professionals (engineers, architects, project managers) procuring projects, administering contracts, preparing claims and documentation for disputes, giving expert evidence or resolving construction disputes. The series will also be relevant to students of construction and law who require an understanding of how engineering and construction intersects with the relevant law and shapes contracts.

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FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific A Practical Guide to Application

FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific: A Practical Guide to Application

1st Edition


Edited By Donald Charrett
November 11, 2021

FIDIC contracts are the most widely used contracts for international construction around the world and are used in many different jurisdictions, both common law and civil law. For any construction project, the General Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC need to be supplemented by Particular ...

The Application of Contracts in Engineering and Construction Projects

The Application of Contracts in Engineering and Construction Projects

1st Edition

By Donald Charrett
July 10, 2018

Written by an engineer and construction lawyer with many years of experience, The Application of Contracts in Engineering and Construction Projects provides unique and invaluable guidance on the role of contracts in construction and engineering projects. Compiling papers written and edited by the ...

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