1st Edition

Practical MATLAB for Engineers - 2 Volume Set

By Misza Kalechman Copyright 2009

    A comprehensive and accessible primer, this two volume tutorial immerses engineers and engineering students in the essential technical skills that will allow them to put Matlab® to immediate use. The first volume covers concepts such as: functions, algebra, geometry, arrays, vectors, matrices, trigonometry, graphs, pre-calculus and calculus. It then delves into the Matlab language, covering syntax rules, notation, operations, computational programming. The second volume illustrates the direct connection between theory and real applications. Each chapter reviews basic concepts and then explores those concepts with a number of worked out examples.

    PRELIMINARY: Trends, the Industry and Matlab. Getting started. Matrices, Arrays, Vectors and Sets. Trigonometric, exponential and special functions. Printing and plotting. Complex numbers. Polynomials and Calculus, a numerical and symbolic approach. Decisions and relations. Files and performance analysis: THE APPLICATIONS. Analog and Discrete Signals. DC and Transient Analysis. AC Circuits. Analog transforms: Fourier and Laplace. Discrete transforms: DFT, DTFF, FFT, and Z. Analog and Digital Filters.  


    Misza Kalechman