1st Edition

Practical Security for Agile and DevOps

By Mark S. Merkow Copyright 2022
    236 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    236 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    This textbook was written from the perspective of someone who began his software security career in 2005, long before the industry began focusing on it. This is an excellent perspective for students who want to learn about securing application development. After having made all the rookie mistakes, the author realized that software security is a human factors issue rather than a technical or process issue alone. Throwing technology into an environment that expects people to deal with it but failing to prepare them technically and psychologically with the knowledge and skills needed is a certain recipe for bad results.

    Practical Security for Agile and DevOps is a collection of best practices and effective implementation recommendations that are proven to work. The text leaves the boring details of software security theory out of the discussion as much as possible to concentrate on practical applied software security that is useful to professionals. It is as much a book for students’ own benefit as it is for the benefit of their academic careers and organizations. Professionals who are skilled in secure and resilient software development and related tasks are in tremendous demand. This demand will increase exponentially for the foreseeable future. As students integrate the text’s best practices into their daily duties, their value increases to their companies, management, community, and industry.

    The textbook was written for the following readers:

    • Students in higher education programs in business or engineering disciplines
    • AppSec architects and program managers in information security organizations
    • Enterprise architecture teams with a focus on application development
    • Scrum Teams including:
      • Scrum Masters
      • Engineers/developers
      • Analysts
      • Architects
      • Testers

    • DevOps teams
    • Product owners and their management
    • Project managers
    • Application security auditors
    • Agile coaches and trainers
    • Instructors and trainers in academia and private organizations

    Chapter 1: Today’s Software Development Practices Shatter Old Security Practices
    Chapter 2: Deconstructing Agile and Scrum
    Chapter 3: Learning Is FUNdamental!
    Chapter 4: Product Backlog Development—Building Security In
    Chapter 5: Secure Design Considerations
    Chapter 6: Security in the Design Sprint
    Chapter 7: Defensive Programming
    Chapter 8: Testing Part 1: Static Code Analysis
    Chapter 9: Testing Part 2: Penetration Testing/Dynamic Analysis/IAST/RASP
    Chapter 10: Securing DevOps
    Chapter 11: Metrics and Models for AppSec Maturity
    Chapter 12: Frontiers for AppSec
    Chapter 13: AppSec Is a Marathon—Not a Sprint!
    Appendix A: Security Acceptance Criteria
    Appendix B: Resources for AppSec
    Appendix C: Answers to Chapter Quick Check Questions


    Mark S. Merkow, CISSP, CISM, CSSLP, works at HealthEquity, Inc., in Tempe, Arizona, helping to lead application and IT security architecture and engineering efforts in the office of the CISO. In addition to his day job, Mark is a faculty member at the University of Denver, where he works on developing and instructing online courses in topics across the Information Security spectrum, with a focus on secure software development. He also works as an advisor to the University of Denver’s Information and Computing Technology Curriculum Team for new course development and changes to the curriculum.

    Mark has over 40 years of experience in IT in a variety of roles, including application development, systems analysis and design, security engineering, and security management. Mark holds a Master of Science in Decision and Information Systems from Arizona State University (ASU), a Master of Education in Distance Education from ASU, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from ASU.