3rd Edition

Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design

By Ronald Huston, Harold Josephs Copyright 2008
    664 Pages 507 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Updated and revised, this book presents the application of engineering design and analysis based on the approach of understanding the physical characteristics of a given problem and then modeling the important aspects of the physical system. This third edition provides coverage of new topics including contact stress analysis, singularity functions, gear stresses, fasteners, shafts, and shaft stresses. It introduces finite element methods as well as boundary element methods and also features worked examples, problems, and a section on the finite difference method and applications. This text is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering.

    Fundamental Relations and Concepts
    Forces and Force Systems
    Simple Stress and Strain: Simple Shear Stress and Strain
    Hooke’s Law and Material Strength 
    Stress in Two and Three Dimensions 
    Strain in Two and Three Dimensions 
    Curvilinear Coordinates 
    Hooke’s Law in Two and Three Dimensions

    Straight and Long Structural Components: Beams, Rods, and Bars
    Beams: Bending Stresses (Flexure) 
    Beams: Displacement from Bending 
    Beam Analysis Using Singularity Functions 
    Beam Bending Formulas for Common Configurations 
    Torsion and Twisting of Rods 
    Thick Beams: Shear Stress in Beams 
    Curved Beams 
    Stability: Buckling of Beams, Rods, Columns, and Panels
    Shear Center

    Plates, Panels, Flanges, and Brackets
    Plates: Bending Theory 
    Plates: Fundamental Bending Configurations and Applications.
    Panels and Annular Plate Closures 
    Special Plate Problems and Applications

    Dynamic Loadings, Fatigue, and Fracture
    Dynamic Behavior of Structures: A Conceptual Review 
    Elements of Seismic Design 
    Impact Stress Propagation
    Fracture Mechanics: Design Considerations
    Fracture Control

    Piping and Pressure Vessels
    Vessels with Internal Pressure 
    Externally Pressured Cylindrical Vessels and Structures 
    Buckling of Spherical Shell
    Axial and Bending Response

    Advanced and Specialized Problems
    Special Cylinder Problems
    Stress Concentration
    Thermal Considerations 
    Axial Response of Straight and Tapered Bars
    Thin Rings and Arches 
    Links and Eyebars 
    Irregular Shape Springs


    Ronald Huston, Harold Josephs