1st Edition

Practices of Truth in Philosophy Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Edited By Pietro Gori, Lorenzo Serini Copyright 2024

    This volume provides a geographically and historically diverse overview of philosophical traditions that establish a deep connection between truth and practice, or even see truth itself as a kind of practice.

    Under the label “practices of truth” are subsumed disparate approaches that can be fruitfully brought together to explore the intersections between truth and practice in philosophy as well as to address a range of intriguing questions about truth that fall outside the domain of pure theory. The chapters in this volume provide a variety of perspectives on key practices of truth in philosophy and in the history of philosophy, enriching our understanding of the different ways in which truth and practice may be connected, including the role of certain practices in enabling philosophical insight into truth, the ways in which truth may actually be embedded in some practices, and the impact of truth on practice.

    Practices of Truth in Philosophy will appeal to scholars and advanced students interested in the history of philosophy, comparative philosophy, ethics, epistemology, and the metaphysics of truth.

    Introduction Pietro Gori and Lorenzo Serini

    1. Truth as a Fundamental Value Duncan Pritchard

    2. The Ancient Greek Skeptics’ Practice and Its Relation to Truth Richard Bett

    3. “A Broken Mirror”: Cynicism and the Scandal of the True Life Marta Faustino

    4. Truth and Ideology in Classical China: Mohists vs. Zhuangists Mercedes Valmisa

    5. Meditative Cultivation and the Force of Truth in Dharmakīrti’s Philosophy Davey K. Tomlinson

    6. Skepticism as a Truth-Seeking Practice: The Pyrrhonists, Diderot, and Regulative Epistemology Lorenzo Serini

    7. Schopenhauer, the Practice of Beauty, the Practice of Compassion, and Metaphysical Truth Sandra Shapshay

    8. Marx’s Materialism of Sensibility as Activity Sabina Vaccarino Bremner

    9. Anti-Foundationalist Practices of Truth: Foucault, Nietzsche, and James Pietro Gori

    10. "Not Empiricism and Yet Realism in Philosophy, That Is the Hardest Thing" Genia Schönbaumsfeld

    11. Arendt and Transformative Politics Yasemin Sari

    12. Historicism as a Truth Practice Anthony Jensen

    13. Genealogy as a Practice of Truth: Nietzsche, Foucault, Fanon Daniele Lorenzini

    14. “We Come Together for Truth”: Mother’s Movements, Decolonial Feminisms, and Coalitional Practices of Truth Ege Selin Islekel

    15. The Pragmatic Conception of Truth and the Practices of Inquiry in the Arts and Humanities Sami Pihlström


    Pietro Gori is Senior Researcher and Invited Lecturer at the NOVA University Lisbon (Institute of Philosophy). He has worked extensively on modern and contemporary philosophy, history and philosophy of science; and epistemology, with a special focus on representatives of an anti-foundationalist turn in philosophy (e.g., Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Mach, and William James).

    Lorenzo Serini is Assistant Professor and Director of Student Experience and Progression in the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick, where he obtained his PhD in philosophy in 2021. His areas of research and teaching include post-Kantian European philosophy (especially, Nietzsche), the history of skepticism, and regulative epistemology.

    "This collection brings together an outstanding group of researchers from a variety of philosophical traditions. Anybody interested in the relation between truth and practice will find much of value herein."

    Brett Sherman, University of South Carolina, USA