1st Edition

Practising Italian Grammar A Workbook

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Practising Italian Grammar offers a comprehensive set of varied exercises for developing a greater practical awareness of the language. It is designed as a companion volume to A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian by Maiden and Robustelli, but it can also be used on its own by anyone wishing to improve their proficiency in Italian. The workbook includes examples of authentic Italian from journalistic and literary extracts, and from colloquial usage. The exercises are graded in terms of difficulty. Level 1 - revision of essential points, Level 2 - intermediate exercises, Level 3 - advanced exercises.

    A key to the exercises is provided making this workbook suitable for private study and classroom use.

    1 Spelling and pronunciation
    2 Nouns and adjectives
    3 Articles
    4 Demonstratives
    5 Personal pronouns
    6 Relative structures
    7 Interrogative structures
    8 Indefinites and negative pronouns and adjectives
    9 Possessives
    10 Prepositions
    11 Numerals
    12 Adverbs
    13 Forms of the verb
    14 Uses of verb forms
    15 Comparatives and superlatives
    16 Aspects of sentence structure
    17 Negative constructions
    18 Conjunctions and discourse markers
    19 Word derivation
    20 Time expressions
    21 Forms of address


    Alessia Bianchi, Clelia Boscolo and Stephen Harrison are all at the Department of Italian, University of Birmingham, UK