308 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Practising Spanish Grammar can be used independently or as the ideal companion to the sixth edition of the widely acclaimed A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish (Butt, Benjamin and Moreira Rodríguez).

    Thoroughly updated, this fourth edition of the workbook features an improved organization which closely mirrors that of A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, sixth edition. The selection of exercises has been fully revised and expanded with new exercises on a variety of topics including possessives, conditional, future and past tenses, and polite requests.

    Designed to stimulate and engage even the most grammar-shy students, this is an ideal resource for Spanish learners at CEFR Level B2–C1, ACFTL Intermediate-High to Advanced.


    1. Nouns

    2. Articles

    3. Adjectives

    4. Comparatives

    5. Demonstratives

    6. The neuter

    7. Possessives

    8. Numbers

    9. Pronouns

    10. Forms of verbs

    11. Indicative usage

    12. The subjunctive

    13. The imperative

    14. Non-finite forms of the verb

    15. Auxiliary verbs - poder, saber etc.

    16. Personal a

    17. Negative constructions

    18. Questions and exclamations

    19. Conditional sentences

    20. Pronominal verbs

    21. The expression of 'becoming'

    22. Passive

    23. Ser, estar and haber

    24. Adverbs

    25. Expressions of time

    26. Conjunctions

    27. Prepositions

    28. Relative pronouns

    29. Nominalizers and cleft sentences

    30. Word order

    31. Affective suffixes

    32. Spelling and punctuation

    33. General exercises

    Glossary of Grammatical Terms

    Key to the Exercises


    Angela Howkins is a former Lecturer in Spanish at Dundee College, Scotland.

    Christopher Pountain is Professor of Spanish Linguistics at Queen Mary's College, University of London.

    Teresa de Carlos is a native speaker of Spanish and a former Senior Language Teaching Officer at the University of Cambridge.