1st Edition

Practitioner Research in Voice Studies

Edited By Rockford Sansom Copyright 2025
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    Practitioner Research in Voice Studies aims to support the artist-scholar who wishes to design and publish research in voice. The book is useful for the novice, who wants tangible tools to begin, and for the more experienced researcher, who wants varying perspectives on how voice scholarship has evolved. The book contains three sections:

    •  Conducting Practitioner Research in Voice Studies

    •  Getting Started

    •  Practitioner Research Examples.


    The first two sections outline major themes, debates, and research approaches in the field, and many chapters offer step-by-step guides and tips. The final section presents example research articles that highlight numerous methods including qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method, action research, performance as research, practice as research, literature review, narrative review, and other kinds of multidisciplinary practices. This ambitious project includes leading international figures who write in a scholarly and accessible manner.


    Utilizing research ideas and examples from a variety of voice disciplines, this book will be of interest to those studying voice, speech, singing, acting, public speaking, voice science, communication, music, theatre, and performance. Those writing a dissertation or thesis may also draw from this text. Articles from this book were originally published in the Voice and Speech Review journal.

    Introduction: Practitioner Research in Voice Studies
    Rockford Sansom


    Section 1: Conducting Practitioner Research in Voice Studies


    1.  Research and Practice in Voice Studies: Searching for a Methodology
    Daron Oram


    2. Voicing a Practitioner Research Methodology: Further Framing the Conversation
    Deborah Winter


    3. Insights, Considerations, and Suggestions for the Practitioner-Researcher in Voice Studies
    Sophie Scott


    4. Exploring the Narrative: Voice Practitioner Research and the Literature Review Process
    Deborah Winter


    5. “The Full Monty”: Taking a Fully Qualitative Approach to Research By Singers, With Singers, For Singers
    Melissa Forbes


    Section 2: Getting Started 


    6. A Guide to Publishing in the Voice and Speech Review
    Rockford Sansom


    7. Voice Research Reflections: Tips for the Artist-Scholar
    Rockford Sansom


    Section 3: Practitioner Research Examples


    8. Voice Training Methods in MFA Acting Programs: Preliminary Descriptive USA Data
    Marianna Rubino and Celia Stewart


    9. Impolite Birth: Theatre Voice Training and the Experience of Childbirth
    Kris Danford, Lee Roosevelt, Alexandra Vroom, Lisa Harris and Ruth Zielinski

    10. Healthy and Efficient Voice Use Awareness in Amateur Group Singers: A Multi-Sensory Self-Assessment Protocol Trial
    Tara Leiper

    11. Communication and Resilience in Acting Students: A Qualitative Study
    Jennifer Innes


    12. Survey of University Acting Majors regarding the Most Useful Elements of Singing Training
    Brian Manternach and Jeremy N. Manternach


    13. Keep the Arrows: Interrogating Discrimination in Fandom Through Solo Performance
    Alan R. White


    14. La Casa de Inez: Investigating History, Voice, and Memory through Embodied, Site-Specific Storytelling
    Elisa Gonzales


    15. Finding a Way: More Tales of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in Psychophysical Actor Training
    Daron Oram


    16. Accent Modification, Voicework, and ALS: A Case Study in Prolonging the Ability to Speak
    Andrea Caban


    17. When Mouths Went Missing: A Post-Pandemic, Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration for Actors and Animators
    Kathryn M. Cunningham and John C. Kelley


    18. Poetry, Voice, Brain, and Body
    Christina Shewell


    19. Assessment in Musical Theatre: A Tool for Transparency, Equity, and Student Learning
    Amanda Flynn


    20. Online Theatre Voice Pedagogy: A Literature Review
    Shannon Vickers


    21. The Unspoken Voice and Speech Debate [or] the Sacred Cow in the Conservatory
    Rockford Sansom




    Rockford Sansom, PhD, is a voice teacher and communication coach. For seven years, he was the Editor of the Voice and Speech Review. His book publications include The History of Voice Pedagogy, Vocal Traditions, Voice and Identity, and Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices (2nd ed).  He is a VASTA Lifetime Distinguished Member.