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    This timely collection, for the first time together in one place, gives students and researchers access to the major works of the history of pragmatics and the science of language use. Readers can now critically assess the subject matter, methods, theories and applications that have shaped this exciting area of language study.
    These important volumes portray the development of pragmatics as a science of language use. The whole spectrum of relevant areas, from theoretical linguistics and philosophy, through psychology and sociology, to neuroscience, speech rehabilitation and computer science is represented.
    Issues explored include:
    * presupposition
    * implicature
    * discourse
    * grammar
    * communication
    * indexicals
    * psychology
    * sociology.
    This work also provides highly useful references and suggestions for additional papers to be consulted, and has an exceptionally detailed subject and name index to enable easy and immediate access for the reader.

    Volume One
    Part One: Dawn
    Part Two: Delineation
    Volume Two
    Part Three: Speech Act Theory
    Part Four: Particular Speech Acts
    Volume Three
    Part Five: Indexicals and Reference
    Volume Four
    Part Six: Presupposition
    Part Seven: Implicature^
    Part Eight: Indirect Speech Acts
    Volume Five
    Part Nine: Communication
    Part Ten: Talk in Interaction
    Part Eleven: Discourse
    Volume Six
    Part Twelve: Pragmatics and Grammar
    Part Thirteen: Pragmatics and Psychology
    Part Fourteen: Pragmatics and Sociology


    Asa Kasher is Professor of Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University, where he has held chairs in philosophy of language and philosophy of practise and professional ethics.

    '...this compilation is essential background reading for students of pragmatics and new researchers in the pragmatics of language.' - The Linguist List