1st Edition

Pragmatism, Kant, and Transcendental Philosophy

Edited By Gabriele Gava, Robert Stern Copyright 2016
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Philosophers working within the pragmatist tradition have pictured their relation to Kant and Kantianism in very diverse terms: some have presented their work as an appropriation and development of Kantian ideas, some have argued that pragmatism is an approach in complete opposition to Kant. This collection investigates the relationship between pragmatism, Kant, and current Kantian approaches to transcendental arguments in a detailed and original way. Chapters highlight pragmatist aspects of Kant’s thought and trace the influence of Kant on the work of pragmatists and neo-pragmatists, engaging with the work of Peirce, James, Lewis, Sellars, Rorty, and Brandom, among others. They also consider to what extent contemporary approaches to transcendental arguments are compatible with a pragmatist standpoint. The book includes contributions from renowned authors working on Kant, pragmatism and contemporary Kantian approaches to philosophy, and provides an authoritative and original perspective on the relationship between pragmatism and Kantianism.

    Introduction Gabriele Gava & Robert Stern  1. German Idealism, Classical Pragmatism, and Kant’s Third Critique Sebastian Gardner  2. The Fallibilism of Kant’s Architectonic Gabriele Gava  3. A Kant-Inspired Vision of Pragmatism as Democratic Experimentalism David Macarthur  4. Peirce, Kant, and What We Must Assume Cheryl Misak  5. Peirce and the Final Opinion: Against Apel’s Transcendental Interpretation of the Categories Daniel Herbert  6. Forms of Reasoning as Conditions of Possibility: Peirce’s Transcendental Inquiry Concerning Inductive Knowledge Jean-Marie Chevalier  7. Kant and Peirce on Belief Marcus Willaschek  8. Round Kant or Through Him? On James’s Arguments for Freedom, and their Relation to Kant’s Robert Stern  9. Consciousness in Kant and William James Graham Bird  10. Concepts of Objects as Prescribing Laws: A Kantian and Pragmatist Line of Thought James R. O’Shea  11. Subjectivity as Negativity and as a Limit: On the Metaphysics and Ethics of the Transcendental Self, Pragmatically Naturalized Sami Pihlström  12. A Plea for Transcendental Philosophy Wolfgang Kuhlmann  13. Transcendental Argument, Epistemically Constrained Truth, and Moral Discourse Boris Rähme


    Gabriele Gava is research associate at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He is the author of Peirce’s Account of Purposefulness: A Kantian Perspective (2014).

    Robert Stern is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, UK.

    "What's the use of calling pragmatism a variant of Kant's project and, in turn, what's the use of identifying Kant as a proto-pragmatist? This volume is, in fact, a contribution to a long-standing and ever-widening tradition of hermeneutic engagement and critical appropriation. It is certainly admirable in its detail of argumentation, if not its originality. It advances the cause of that tradition, in suggestive and illuminating ways."--Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

    "Together, these thirteen articles do an admirable job demonstrating the complexity and relevance of the pragmatist-Kant connection." -- Jared Kemling, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, William James Studies