1st Edition

Praxiology and the Reasons for Action

By Piotr Makowski Copyright 2016
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This volume explores two traditions in practical philosophy: action theory, which concerns the nature of motivation for human action, and praxiology, the study of human action. By bringing different perspectives together, the volume strives to contribute to the international debate on theories of reasons for action as a philosophy of action.

    The volume consists of three main parts. The first part, "Reasons for Action," bridges the gap between reasons for action theories and praxiology. The second part of the volume, titled "Theories of Action," explores philosophical approaches to action. Finally, in the third part, "Applications," the contributors show several ways of applying praxiological ways of thinking and acting to the problems of reflection assessment, solving action incompleteness, and knowledge management.

    The ultimate goal of this volume is to broaden the scientific view of action: to establish a perspective on action that is permeated by moral theories on the one hand, and accounts focused on efficiency and economy of action on the other hand. This work is the newest volume in Transaction's Praxiology series.

    Editorial, Wojciech W. Gasparski

    Preface, Krzysztof Nowak-Posadzy, Piotr Makowski, Mateusz Bonecki

    The Introductory Essay

    1 Praxiology, or the Study of the Prose of HumanAction Revisited,
    Wojciech W. Gasparski

    Part One: Reasons for Action

    2 Praxiology Meets Planning Theory of Intention: Kotarbiski and Bratman on Plans,
    Piotr Makowski
    3 Praxiology and Reasons for Action: A Comparison with Philosophical Ethics and Metaethics,
    Carl Humphries
    4 Beyond Objectivism and Subjectivism,
    Fritz J. McDonald
    5 On the Alleged Debate on Whether Reasons are
    Facts or Attitudes, Magnus Frei

    Part Two: Theories of Action

    6 Are We Responsible for Our Actions?,
    Gerhard Seel
    7 Aliefs, Beliefs, and Cares,
    Zachary J. Goldberg
    8 The Normative Significance of Intentional Action,
    Ranjan K. Panda, Arabinda Sahoo
    9 A Genetic Phenomenological Analysis of Action,
    Irina Rotaru
    10 Online Action: Environmental Guiding and Mental Representation,
    Cristinel Ungureanu

    Part Three: Applications

    11 The Praxiological Assessment Technology (PAT), Henrique P. Santos, Joaquim B. Gouveia,
    Miguel A. Quintanilla
    12 Action Incompleteness and Type-Sensitivity,
    Stefano Papa
    13 Praxiological and Knowledge Management Approach to New Product Development,
    Mateusz Bonecki

    Notes about the Authors


    Piotr Makowski