1st Edition

Precision Photoshop Creating Powerful Visual Effects

By Lopsie Schwartz Copyright 2015
    284 Pages 511 B/W Illustrations
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    284 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    The Essentials of Photoshop for Creative Professionals

    There are plenty of books on Photoshop for photographers; for everyone else, there’s Precision Photoshop: Creating Powerful Visual Effects. In clear, conversational language using extensive images and screenshots, this book gives you in-depth guidance on learning how to use Photoshop. The author shares her practical knowledge and insider tips gleaned from years working on visual effects in the entertainment business.

    Requiring no prior experience, the book first offers a step-by-step beginner’s tutorial on the main features of Photoshop, with the tutorial files available on the book’s CRC Press web page. It next shows you how to manage various assets, such as text, 3D, or HDRI files, and provides solutions to the most common questions asked by new Photoshop users. The author explains how to work with camera raw files and describes how to unlock your artistic potential through Photoshop’s powerful tools. She also covers more advanced tutorials involving higher concepts and specific source images, such as creating panoramas, high-contrast images, 3D effects, and motion.

    Illustrating key techniques with examples of production-quality work, this book delves deep into aspects most important to creative professionals. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced user, you will find precise instruction on critical elements of the workflow.

    The Cheat
    Before You Start
    The Tutorial

    Photoshop Setup and Overview
    Starting/Setting Up Photoshop
    Setting Adobe Photoshop to the Default Preferences
    Work Area Overview

    The Visual Bridge: Accessing and Organizing Files
    Installing Bridge CC
    Workspace Overview
    Finding Your Keys
    Using Your Keys
    Manage Color
    Batch Renaming Your Files
    Creating a Custom Layout
    Exporting Bridge Adjustments
    Search for Files and Folders
    Mini Bridge

    I Just Need to Make This Picture Smaller
    I Just Want to Make This Color Photo Black and White—or Maybe with Just a Little Color
    I Just Want to Sharpen This Picture a Little
    I Just Need to Get Rid of That (Wire/Timestamp/Other Annoying Inclusion)
    I Just Want to Crop This Picture for Better Composition
    I Just Want to Replace
    I Just Want to Make a Seamless Pattern
    I Just Want to Get Rid of the Noise in the Photo
    I Just Want to Get Rid of the Red Eye in the Picture
    I Just Want to Make This Picture into Something that Looks More Graphic
    I Just Want to Print These All on One Page
    Aw, These Shadows Ruined My Pictures

    Going RAW
    The RAW "Format"
    Working in the RAW: Adobe Camera Raw Workflow/Controls
    Merge to HDR Pro

    One-Night Stands
    Auto-Blend to Sharpen
    Create a Panorama
    Old Photograph
    Pencil-Drawing Effect
    Tilt-Shift Miniaturization

    Finding Brush Controls
    The Brushes Palette
    Shape Dynamics
    Dual Brush
    Color Dynamics and Other Dynamics
    Brush Pose
    Other Brush Tip Characteristics
    Putting the Brush Palette to Use
    Brush Blending Modes
    Color Replacement Tool
    Mixer Brush
    Custom Brushes
    Brush Libraries

    Second Date
    Chemical and Cross Processing
    Eye Cream
    Adding Depth of Field
    Gritty Photo Koala
    What Is Your Type?

    Smarter in So Many Ways
    Smart Objects
    Learning Your Way around 3D
    Video—Another Kind of 2D
    Setting Your Workspace
    Crash Course

    Power User
    Disintegrating Dancer
    Pre-Vis Fly-Through
    Surreal Painting

    Efficiency and Display
    Customizing Shortcuts
    Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
    Automating Tasks
    Other Action Presets
    Creating Actions
    Adding a Conditional
    Editing or Changing an Action
    Saving Your Set
    Batch Processing
    Creating a Droplet
    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Concepts, Definitions, and Terminology
    Image File Formats
    Vector Formats
    3D Program File Formats
    Aspect Ratios
    Film Format Nomenclature
    File Resolution
    Efficient Texture Size



    Lopsie Schwartz is a visual effects (VFX) and animation veteran who has worked at prestigious facilities, such as Weta Digital, Disney Animation, and Rhythm and Hues. Over the past 15 years, Lopsie has used Photoshop for commercials, major motion pictures, television shows, games, photo retouching, and fine art. She has also taught VFX and animation at various college-level institutions.