1st Edition

Preparative and Production Scale Chromatography

Edited By G. Ganetsos, P.E. Barker Copyright 1992

    Describes the latest developments in the scaling-up and application of chromatographic operations and demonstrates that production-scale chromatography is a powerful and invaluable separation process. The book covers every important process design and reveals actual, immediately applicable techniques and is designed to appeal to design, chemical/biochemical, and research and development engineers, process development managers, bioprocess technologists, analytical and clinical chemists and biochemists, pharmacists, and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.

    Preface, Contributors, I COCURRENT CHROMATOGRAPHY, 1. Developments in Large-Scale Batch Chromatography, 2. Large-Scale High-Performance Preparative Liquid Chromatography, 3. Hydrodynamics of Preparative Chromatography Columns, 4. Recycle and Flow-Reversal Schemes in Nonlinear Production-Scale Chromatography, II CONTINUOUS CROSS-CURRENT CHROMATOGRAPHY, 5. Continuous Cross-Current Chromatographic Refiners, 6. Continuous Rotating Annular Chromatography, 7. Cross-Flow Magnetically Stabilized Fluidized Bed Chromatography, IIIA CONTINUOUS COUNTERCURRENT CHROMATOGRAPHY: MOVING-BED/COLUMN SYSTEMS, 8. Continuous Moving-Column Chromatographic Systems, 9. Bioseparations in the Magnetically Stabilized Fluidized Bed, 10. Moving-Bed Ion Exchange in Wastewater Treatment, MB CONTINUOUS COUNTERCURRENT CHROMATOGRAPHY: SIMULATED MOVING-COLUMN SYSTEMS, 11. Semicontinuous Countercurrent Chromatographic Refiners, 12. Sorbex: Industrial-Scale Adsorptive Separation, 13. Operation and Design of Simulated Moving-Bed Adsorbers, 14. From Batch Elution to Simulated Countercurrent Chromatography, 15. Separation of Glutathione and Glutamic Acid Using a Simulated Moving-Bed Adsorber System, IV CHROMATOGRAPHIC REACTION-SEPARATION, 16. Batch and Continuous Chromatographic Systems as Combined Bioreactor-Separators, 17. Development of New Bioreactors of a Simulated Moving-Bed Type, 18. Continuous Reaction Chromatography, 19. Gas and Liquid Chromatographic Reactors, 20. Preparative Fixed-Bed Chromatographic Reactor, 21. The Use of Chromatography in Catalysis, V CHROMATOGRAPHY IN THE BIOCHEMICAL FIELD, 22. Large-Scale Chromatography of Proteins, 23. Ion-Exchange Production Chromatography of Proteins, 24. Affinity Chromatographic Reactor, 25. Techniques in Process-Scale Ion-Exchange Chromatography, VI MODELING OF CHROMATOGRAPHIC PROCESSES, 26. Modeling of Chromatographic Processes, 27. Modeling of Countercurrent Adsorption Processes, 28. Modeling of Chromatographic Processes: A Chemical Engineering Approach, 29. Dynamics of Adsorptive Reactors, 30. Computer Simulation of Semicontinuous Chromatographic Refiners Used in Chemical and Biochemical Applications, Index


    <p>G. Ganetsos Business Development Department, Borax Consolidated Limited, London, and Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Aston University, Birmingham, England</p> <p>P. E. Barker Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Aston University, Birmingham, England</p>