1st Edition

Preparing for Trauma Work in Clinical Mental Health A Workbook to Enhance Self-Awareness and Promote Safe, Competent Practice

By Lisa Compton, Corie Schoeneberg Copyright 2021
    244 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    244 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This workbook is a foundational and unique resource for clinicians preparing to work with clients affected by trauma. Chapters integrate a holistic understanding of the unique client within trauma-specific case conceptualization, promote trainees’ identification of personal values and past experiences that could impact their ability to provide safe and ethical services, and offer ways to reduce the risk of occupational hazards such as vicarious traumatization. The trauma treatment process is presented within the tri-phasic framework, which is applicable across settings, disciplines, and various theoretical orientations. Each chapter also provides experiential activities that link the chapter content with clinician reflection and application of knowledge and skills, which instructors and supervisors can easily utilize for evaluation and gatekeeping regarding a student’s mastery of the content. An ideal resource for graduate-level faculty and supervisors, this book offers a versatile application for mental-health related fields including counseling, psychology, social work, school counseling, substance abuse, and marriage and family therapy.

    Designed for students and professional clinicians, this groundbreaking text fills an important education and training gap by providing a comprehensive and enlightening presentation of trauma work while also emphasizing the clinician’s growth in self-awareness and professional development.

    Section I: Foundations: Concepts and Principles of Trauma Treatment 1. Orientation to Trauma Work: The Triad of Trauma, Client, and Self 2. Trauma: Identification and Conceptualization 3. The Clinician: Reflexive Practice and Professional Development in Trauma Work 4. Parallel Process: Risk and Rewards in Trauma Work 5. The Client: Trauma in an Individual and Cultural Context 6. The Therapeutic Relationship: Attachment and Connection in Trauma Work Section II: Case Conceptualization: A Framework for Trauma Treatment 7. Trauma-Informed Intake: Building a Case Conceptualization 8. Trauma-Informed Assessment: Expanding Case Conceptualization 9. Trauma-Informed Treatment Plan: Synthesizing Case Conceptualization Section III: The Tri-Phasic Model: A Trauma-Focused Treatment Process 10: Phase 1: Safety and Stabilization in Trauma Work 11. Phase 2: Remembrance and Mourning in Trauma Work 12. Phase 2 Enhancement: Creative Treatment in Trauma Work 13. Phase 3: Reconnection in Trauma Work 14. Beyond the Session: Professional Growth in Trauma Work Appendices References Index


    Lisa Compton, PhD, LCSW, CFE, is a certified trauma treatment specialist and full-time faculty and trauma certificate coordinator for Regent University.

    Corie Schoeneberg, PhD, LPC, RPT-S, NCC, is an author, international presenter, graduate counseling course instructor, and clinical and play therapy supervisor.

    "An exceptional and much-needed primer for professional development in trauma treatment. This stimulating book offers a multi-level approach focusing on the nature of trauma, the clinician, the client, the therapeutic relationship, and the treatment process. Filling an important gap in graduate curricula, this timely volume promises to captivate and educate both students and practitioners for years to come." — Scott T. Alison, PhD, professor of psychology, University of Richmond, USA

    "This text is a must have for the emerging professional or experienced clinician! Clear, concise, and comprehensive, this is a much-needed resource at the perfect time!" — Cheri Meder, PhD, LPC, LSC, associate department chair of counselor education, Adams State University, USA

    "The most outstanding text for trauma clinician development on the market! This workbook is an invaluable tool for clinical supervisors!" — Lee Underwood, PsyD, clinical supervisor and trauma research specialist, USA

    "This is by far the best resource for trauma clinicians. A scientific work of art. A rich and compelling resource. Just wow!" — Kaitlyn Stafford, PhD, LCSW, trauma specialist at Rising Behavioral Health Consulting, USA