1st Edition

Preparing for the Next Financial Crisis

    386 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    386 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The ramifications of the Global Financial Crisis, which erupted in 2007, continue to surprise not only the general public but also finance professionals, economists, and journalists. Faced with this challenge, Preparing for the Next Financial Crisis goes back to basics. The authors ask: what do theory and empirical observations tell us about the causes and the consequences of financial crisis and instability? In what has become an increasingly complex financial world, what lessons can we learn from economic policies, which have been implemented, and research, which has developed extremely rapidly in recent years, so as not to repeat past mistakes?

    In this comprehensive review of the literature, which is both complete and balanced, the authors highlight the points of consensus among economists and policymakers. They assess the capacity of economic policies and institutions in limiting the cost of financial instability. In conclusion, they ask if the financial system has become safer, in the light especially of the Covid-19 Global Crisis. Ten years after the GFC crisis, this is a timely review of the reform agenda, the progress made, and the areas where further changes need to be made to address new risks and challenges.


    1. Notions

    2. Financial Cycles and Crises

    3. International Dimensions of Financial Stability

    4. Incentives

    5. Constraints

    6. Capital and Liquidity Standards

    7. Crisis Management and Resolution of Financial Institutions

    8. Macroprudential Policy

    9. Economic Policies and Financial Stability

    10. Institutions

    11. Emerging Risks and New Challenges


    Olivier de Bandt, who holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, is an economist and researcher associated with the University of Paris-Nanterre, where he has been teaching banking and financial economics at graduate level. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Financial Stability.

    Fran├žoise Drumetz and Christian Pfister are also economists. They teach the Financial Stability course in the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs (Paris).