1st Edition

Prescription for Learning Learning Techniques, Games and Activities

    128 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Learning is most powerful when it is both hard work and fun. This usually means that it is interactive and based on experience, challenging but at the same time possible. This book presents a wide variety of games, activities and techniques that any teacher, tutor or team leader can use to help others learn. Each of the chapters has a short introduction followed by several exercises that are interactive, fun and will reinforce learning in knowledge, skills and attitudes. The tools provided describe not only how to do an exercise, but also when, with whom, what will make it work well, what can go wrong and give insights into the impact it might make. The authors are experienced in leading teams, planning and providing education, and the tools are tried and tested in real teaching and learning situations. The ideas can be used in and across all disciplines and settings.

    Introduction to learning with games, activities and learning techniques. The learning environment: establishing a learning culture. Running small groups. Communicating better. Examining attitudes. Understanding feelings. Teamwork. Motivation. Organisation of work. Leadership. Strategy. Managing change. Organisational management. Time management. Stress management and support. Multidisciplinary learning. Evaluation. Accessing, assessing and using information management. Under-performance. Appraisal. Interviews and interviewing. Making a presentation. Written and audiovisual aids to learning. Learning about evidence-based practice, guidelines and patient group directives.


    Chambers, Ruth; Wakley, Gill; Iqbal, Zafar; Field, Steve