1st Edition

Preservation of Natural Stone and Rock Weathering Proceedings of the ISRM Workshop W3, Madrid, Spain, 14 July 2007

Edited By Pedro Sola, José Estaire, Claudio Olalla Copyright 2007
    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Natural stone is utilised in monumental works both as a construction material and as a foundation. This volume contains papers and special lectures on monument preservation, reflecting a broad spectrum of issues in three different fields: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geology. The topics discussed covered the entire process of preservation and included:  

    - Processes of rock degradation
    - Stone conservation and treatments
    - Compatible material for restoration
    - Preservation and risk assessment
    - In situ and laboratory testing and monitoring
    - Rock Mechanics studies and modelling in the context of monuments.
    - Foundation problems
    - Rock-slope problems at protected sites
    - Case histories

    The workshop “Preservation of Natural Stone and Rock Weathering”, was held in Madrid in July 2007, within the framework of the 11th International Congress of the ISRM. Consultants, researchers, designers and contractors, as well as a great variety of professionals in many public and private agencies, will benefit from this volume that brings an updated view of the technical problems of the preservation of stone monuments.





    Session 1

    Keynote lecture

    - Bulk and surface properties in stone conservation

    Technical papers

    - Influence of measuring conditions on roughness parameters of ornamental rocks

    - Natural and artificial micro-cracking in limestone: A model of response to freezing-thawing

    - Digital image processing techniques as a tool for evaluating and mapping patinas
    on granite monuments

    - Water-rock interaction and its effect on the weathering of Yungang grottoes

    - Latvian dolomite – stone in art and architecture

    - Weathering and consolidation of grottoes along the Silk Road of China

    - Bowing of marble slabs: An integrated measurement system to monitor and predict
    the façade weathering

    - Monitoring of water absorption in sedimentary rocks by X-ray computer tomography

    - Characteristics and morphology of weathering crusts on porous limestone, the role of
    climate and air pollution

    - Some aspects of degradability of argillaceous rocks

    - Analysis of weathering and internal texture on the engineering properties of granites

    - Geological environment and engineering characteristics of Jiaohe

    Session 2

    Keynote lecture

    - Interventions in foundations, applicable techniques and pathology

    Technical papers

    - Characterisation and conservation of vesicular basalt materials of bronze age Nuraghi (Sardinia)

    - Volcanic rocks (middle and early Miocene) in Sardinian bronze age constructions.

    - The ignimbrites of Su Monte temple in Sorradile

    - Application of different techniques for the construction of basement levels in singular buildings

    - Reinforcement of the Puente de Toledo and Puente de Segovia bridges during the works

    on the M-30 motorway, Madrid

    - The crossing of the Canal Imperial de Aragón with the Ronda de la Hispanidad in Zaragoza

    - Reinforcement of the foundations of the west wing of the Barcelona Clinic Hospital

    - The restoration of San Pedro cliff at the Alhambra, an example of the preservation of historic sites

    - Mechanical analysis of weakness planes and durability of cladding stone used in monuments and singular buildings

    - Rock mechanics tests in the church of the Serra do Pilar monastery

    - Excavation of a building located in the historical old town of Valladolid

    Geological patterns in the collapse of certain rock sanctuaries of Spain

    - Consolidation treatment for the Roman Bridge in Cordoba

    - Stabilization and consolidation of Mogao Grottoes in China

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    Pedro Sola