1st Edition

Prevention Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach

By Robert E Hess Copyright 1987

    This new book takes a detailed look at different disciplines as they relate to prevention. Authors examine how a multidisciplinary approach to prevention can refine and increase the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the field. Given the complexity of the problems facing society today, many professionals are recognizing the strong need for collaborative efforts in the area of prevention. Prevention: Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach will help you gain a clearer perspective of this need and will provide invaluable insights into the intitial steps required for successful collaboration.

    Contents Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach to Prevention
    • Synergy, Prevention, and the Chicago School of Sociology
    • Anthropology, the Meaning of Community, and Prevention
    • Understanding the Policy Process: Preventing and Coping With Community Problems
    • Economic Development and Community Mental Health
    • Prosocial Television for Community Problems: Framework, Effective Methods, and Regulatory Barriers
    • The Roles of Religion in Prevention and Promotion
    • Public Health and Community Wellness
    • The Use of Law for Prevention in the Public Interest
    • Preventive Interventions in the Environment: Examples and Issues
    • Afterword


    Robert E Hess