1st Edition

Prevention and Combating Mine Fires

By Sudhish Chandra Banerjee Copyright 2000

    There is a growing concern about fires in mines, coal mines in particular. Attempts are being made to improve mine fire combat efforts and their prevention, taking advantage of developments in the fields of science and technology. This book looks at those developments and their applications.

    The science of fires; exogenous fire and its prevention; endogenous heating and weathering of coal; coal categorization vis-a-vis spontaneous fire risk; spontaneous fire risk estimation and its prevention; early detection of heating and assessment of status of fires in mines; environmental pollution and hazards encountered from fires in mines; methods of dealing with mine fires; dealing with pillar fires; dealing with advanced sealed off fires; control and containment of long standing fires in UG mines; control of open cast coal mine fires; prevention and control of stack fires; recovery of sealed off fires and rescue in underground mines; metal mine fires; scope of R&D on mine fires.


    Sudhish Chandra Banerjee (Ex-Deputy Director & Head, Mine Fire Division, Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad, India)