1st Edition

Prevention and Societal Impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Edited By Robert T. Ammerman, Peggy J. Ott, Ralph E. Tarter Copyright 1999
    440 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    434 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    It is generally acknowledged that the most cost-effective means of curtailing alcohol and drug abuse is prevention. Providing interventions to at-risk individuals before they develop serious problems with substance use is the most important component of the "war on drugs." Fortunately, the past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of scientific research on those areas crucial to the advancement of prevention science.

    This book compiles a tremendous amount of information about prevention which has accumulated in recent years. Documenting these accomplishments and setting the stage for future efforts comprise the focus of this book.

    Prevention and Societal Impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse is divided into four parts. Part I contains introductory chapters addressing current issues in prevention science and characteristics of abusable substances. Part II includes chapters on the historical contexts of substance abuse and the deleterious health consequences of alcohol and other drugs. Part III focuses on the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on society. Included are chapters on alcohol and drug abuse and driving, infectious illness, disability, managed care, the criminal justice system and adolescents and adults, sale and distribution, the media, and community responses. Part IV consists of chapters on prevention in specific settings and with certain populations.

    Contents: Preface. Part I: Introduction. R.T. Ammerman, P.J. Ott, R.E. Tarter, T.C. Blackson, Critical Issues in Prevention of Substance Abuse. P.R. Giancola, R.E. Tarter, What Constitutes a Drug of Abuse? Part II: Historical Overview and Health Effects. D.J. Hanson, Historical Overview of Alcohol Abuse. J.B. Page, Historical Overview of Other Abusable Substances. M.A. Korsten, J.S. Wilson, Health Effects of Alcohol. R.V. Fant, W.B. Pickworth, J.E. Henningfield, Health Effects of Tobacco. Part III: Societal Impact and Response. H. Moskowitz, Driving Under the Influence. R.H. Needle, E.Y. Lambert, S. Coyle, H.W. Haverkos, Drug Abuse and Infectious Illness. C.L. Radnitz, D.D. Tirch, V.P. Vinciguerra, A.I. Moran, Substance Abuse and Disability. J.L. Pringle, L.R. Kostyak, M.T. Flaherty, Managed Care and Substance Abuse Treatment. R. Dembo, K. Pacheco, Criminal Justice Responses to Adolescent Substance Abuse. T.W. Kinlock, T.E. Hanlon, D.N. Nurco, Criminal Justice Responses to Adult Substance Abuse. J.F. Spillane, Regulation of Sale and Distribution. J.C. Fisher, Media Influence. H.D. Holder, Community Response. Part IV: Intervention: Primary and Secondary Prevention. G.J. Botvin, Prevention in Schools. P.M. Roman, T.C. Blum, Prevention in the Workplace. M.A. Pentz, Prevention in the Community. R.M. Bray, M.E. Marsden, J.F. Mazzuchi, R.W. Hartman, Prevention in the Military. H.P. Wald, M.T. Flaherty, J.L. Pringle, Prevention in Prisons. M.G. Fuller, Prevention in Medical Services Systems.


    Robert T. Ammerman, Peggy J. Ott, Ralph E. Tarter