1st Edition

Prevention of Accidents Through Experience Feedback

By Urban Kjellen Copyright 2000

    Providing a practical introduction to the basic theories and principals of accident prevention through diagnosis and feedback control, this book presents the various methods and tools of safety, health, and environment (SHE) practice where experience feedback is employed. These include methods of accident and near accident reporting and investigation, workplace inspection, SHE performance measurement, and safety analysis and auditing. It also assesses potentials and limitations of the different methods and tools, including learning from experience of unwanted events and errors. It includes highly applicable data on developing a computer-supported SHE information system.

    Part I -- Introduction. Part II -- Theoretical Foundation. Part III - Learning From Incidents and Deviations. Part IV - Monitoring of SHE Performances. Part V - Risk Analysis. Part VI - Putting the Pieces Together. Part VII - Improving the Corporate SHE Information System


    Urban Kjellen