1st Edition

Priapea Poems for a Phallic God

Edited By W H Parker Copyright 1988

    First published in 1988, Priapea is a collection of eighty Latin epigrams, English translated, that make up the corpus Priapeorum, which displays remarkable skill, artistry and wit. Their elegance of style contrasts strikingly with their indecent subject matter. The poems are mostly spoken by, or addressed to, the lewd god Priapus, famous for the size and tenseness of his erect membrum virile or phallus. A main theme is the threatened use of his formidable organ to assault obscenely any intruders that he may catch thieving, but requests and offsprings made to Priapus, and his comparison of himself with other deities, also figure prominently among the poems. This book will be of interest of literature, classical studies, and translation studies.

    List of Illustrations Preface Note to the Reader 1. The Priapea: Introduction 2. Priapea: Poems about Priapus 3. The Priapea: Text and Translation Appendices Index


    Translated and edited by W. H. Parker