1st Edition

Primarily Problem Solving Creative Problem Solving Activities (Grades 2-4)

By Diane Draze Copyright 2005
    82 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a process that allows people to apply both creative and critical thinking to find solutions to everyday problems. It is a way to enhance creative behavior and also a systematic way to organize information and ideas in order to solve problems. The overall goal of CPS training is to improve creative behavior and problem-solving behavior. The skills involved are:

    • ability to select relevant information
    • ability to summarize information
    • ability to analyze social situations,
    • ability to think creatively to generate possible solutions,
    • ability to evaluate options based on given criteria,
    • ability to plan activities to accomplish a goal, and
    • ability to make inferences.

    Primarily Problem Solving allows you to give your younger students a head start on problem solving. This book presents creative problem solving in a step-by-step manner young children can understand and enjoy. Use the CPS process to solve the problems of the Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, and the Frog Prince, as well as more common family problems. Each problem includes illustrated worksheets to take students through each step of the problem-solving process. Teaching notes give instructors additional ideas for using creative problem-solving techniques in the classroom.

    Fun problems and step-by-step guides will take students successfully from the fuzzy beginning to an effective end. The end result is confidence in being able to think through a solution, rather than just latching on to the most obvious solution. Use these exercises as a part of your thinking skills class or creativity training, as supplementary reading assignments, or as a technique to solve conflicts in the classroom.

    Expand your knowledge of CPS even more with Primarily Creativity.

    Grades 2-4

    What Is Creative Problem Solving? Instructional Objectives Creative Problem Solving and the Primary Student The Creative Problem Solving Process Teaching Notes Using Primarily Problem Solving Student Worksheets Jason's Paper Route Hilary's Pet Basketball Team A Late Start Cinderella The Captive, Rapunzel Three Little Pigs 4Frog Prince Baby Brother Wednesday Night Caring for Plants Your Problem Just Problems


    Dianne Draze holds both a bachelor’s degree in education with a major in mathematics and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. Beginning her tenure in the field of education in 1968, she has found many ways to enrich the educational experiences of children. She taught upper elementary grades, junior high mathematics, English and history, gifted programs for grades 1–8, and education classes at the university level.

    Draze founded Dandy Lion Publications in 1977, creating a publishing house that specialized in curriculum materials that were appropriate for able learners and gifted students, that combined motivating content with challenging activities, and that were easy for teachers to use. In the capacity of owner and editor, she wrote more than 50 books and edited an additional 119 books. Her goal, whether writing or editing, was to create materials that would engage students in thinking, creating, making new discoveries, and applying what they learned to new situations. A person with a great curiosity, she has written curriculum guides on many topics and is always interested in whatever topic she is currently researching or editing.

    Draze has retired from full-time involvement in Dandy Lion Publications and currently consults, writes, and edits on a part-time basis.