1st Edition

Primary Sources of Yellow Peril Series II (4-vol. set) (ES)

    2700 Pages
    by Routledge

    - The second and the final part of the series which collects various primary-source materials selected from contemporary publications and historical documents related to the phenomenon of ‘the Yellow Peril’, which contributed to the consolidation of Western consciousness by invoking the menace of an awakening or aggressive Asia—China and Japan in particular—and the consequent decline of the West, racially, culturally, and militarily.

    - Following the first series which included facsimile reprints of nine popular works of fiction related to the Yellow Peril, the second series includes a total of forty historical documents, essays, and articles selected from contemporary publications.

    - The authors included are not only journalists or diplomats critical to Asian aggressiveness, but also writers like G. K. Chesterton and leading Japanologist scholars like B. H. Chamberlain and E. Bruce Mitford, as well as Kencho Suematz, a Japanese diplomat who corresponded with his Western counterpart.

    - Together with Series I, it provides an excellent overview on the cultural and historical relationship between the West and Asia.

    cONTENTS (Sample articles from the 1890 issues)

    A Dictionary of Japanese Law Terms

    A Much-married Man

    Affairs in Korea

    Amalgamation of Political Parties

    Asiatic Society of Japan

    Changes in Local Government

    Count Itagaki’s Political Influence

    Cruelty to Animals in Japan

    Education in 1889

    Inauguration of the Leper Hospital at Koyama

    Japan Becoming Famous

    Japan in Their Dealings with Foreigners

    Japanese Emigration to Hawaii

    Japanese Foreign Trade in 1889

    Kano Hogai

    M. Boissonade’s Reply to the Objectors

    Maruyama Okyo

    Messrs. Shibusawa and Iwasaki

    Missions in Japan

    Mr. Lowder and Treaty Revision

    Mr. Osaki Yukio and the New Cabinet

    Mr. Sonoda Kokichi on British Trade

    New Edition of "The Light of Asia"

    Nippon Onagaku Kwai

    Postal Saving Banks in Japan

    Professor E. Fenollossa

    Professor Toyama on Current Educational Methods

    Proposed Honours to the Pioneers of Western Learning

    Pugilistic Females

    Railways in Japan

    Red Cross Society of Japan

    Religious Government in Japan

    Reminiscences of a Japanese Art Studio of Former Days


    Silk in 1889

    Sir Edwin Arnold and the Satsuma Rebellion

    Subsidy to Tea Exporters

    The "Aikoku-koto" Party 

    The "Kirin" Beer at the Industrial Exhibition

    The "Kokumin-no-Tomo"

    The 11th National Bank and the Mitsubishi

    The Bank of Japan and the Present Financial Depression

    The Bible of the Church

    The Complete Bible in Japanese

    The Famine Relief Funds

    The Influenza Epidemic

    The Japanese in California

    The Japanese in Korea

    The Koto Chiu Gakko Affair

    The Meiji Art Association

    The Nationalistic Movement in Japan

    The New Journalism

    The Other Side of the Treaty Negotiations with Japan

    The Photograph Family

    The Photographic Society of Japan

    The Progress of Science during the Past Twenty Years

    The Question of Prostitution

    The Riukiu Islands

    The Seismological Society of Japan

    The Stock Market

    The Tendency of Japanese Christianity

    The Third National Exhibition

    The Yokosuka Outrage

    The Yotsuya Ghost

    Watanabe Kazan

    Yokohama Literary Society etc.