1st Edition

Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis

Edited By Richard F. Venn Copyright 2000
    ISBN 9780748408436
    382 Pages
    Published June 22, 2000 by CRC Press

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    Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis provides a guide to the methods available and the techniques currently used in this field. It provides up to the minute information and guidance on the methods and strategy used in developing and running ultra-trace analyses for drugs, metabolites and other substances. The authors writes in an informal and didactic style, offering a logical path through the problems of small molecule (bio)analysis and enables readers to choose appropriate methods of analysis for their needs. Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis provides an overview of analytical methods for analytical scientists within the pharmaceutical industry, research and development, the agrochemical industry, and scientists in the health service, biology and biochemistry. It also gives postgraduate students a useful reference for their research methods.

    1. Physico-chemical properties of drugs and metabolites and their extraction from biological material Hugh Wiltshire 2. Solid phase extraction Chris James 3. Basic HPLC theory and practice Andy Gray 4. HPLC optimisation David Bakes 5. HPLC detectors Richard Venn 6. Gas chromotography-what it is and how we use it Peter Andrew 7. Thin layer chromotography Hugh Wiltshire 8. Capillary electrophoresis Peter Andrew 9. Immunoassay techniques Richard Venn 10. Automation of sample preparation Chris James 11. Fundamental aspects of mass spectrometry "overview terminology" Mira V. Doig 12. Applications of mass spectrometry: quantitative mass spectrometry Mira V. Doig 13. Mass spectrometric identification of metabolites Janet Oxford 14. Nuclear magnetic resonance in drug metabolism Phil Gilbert 15. Strategy in metabolite isolation and identification Hugh Wiltshire 16. Strategy for the development of quantitative analytical procedures David Bakes Pharmacia & Upjohn, UK, Andy Gray, Astra Charnwood, UK, David Bakes, Servier Research & Development Ltd., UK, Richard F. Venn, Pfizer Central Research, UK, Peter Andrew, GlaxoWellcome, UK, Mira V. Doig, Advanced Bioanalytical Laboratories, UK, Janet Oxford, SmithKline Beecham, UK, Phil Gilbert, Chiroscience, UK.

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