1st Edition

Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology Allelochemical Interactions

Edited By Inderjit, K. M. M. Dakshini, Chester L. Foy Copyright 1999

    Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology: Allelochemical Interactions provides insights and details recent progress about allelochemical research from the ecosystem standpoint. Research on chemical ecology of allelochemicals in the last three decades has established this field as a mature science that interrelates the research of biologists, weed and crop scientists, agronomists, natural product chemists, microbiologists, ecologists, soil scientists, and plant physiologists and pathologists. This book demonstrates how the influence of allelochemicals on the various components of an ecosystem-including soil microbial ecology, soil nutrients, and physical, chemical, and biological soil factors-may affect growth, distribution, and survival of plant species. Internationally renowned exper†s discuss how a better understanding of allelochemical phenomena can lead to true sustainable agriculture.

    Allelopathy: One Component in a Multifaceted Approach to Ecology, K.M.M. Dakshini, C.L. Foy, and Inderjit
    Designing Laboratory Plant Debris-Soil Bioassays: Some Reflections, U. Blum
    How to Make Bioassays for Allelopathy More Relevant to Field Conditions with Particular Reference to Cropland Weeds, C.L. Foy
    Bioassays for Allelopathy: Interactions of Soil Organic and Inorganic Constituents, Inderjit and K.M.M. Dakshini
    Bioassays Applied to Allelopathic Herbaceous Vascular Hydrophytes, S.D. Elakovich
    The Occurrence and Behavior of Plant Phenolic Acids in Soil Environment and Their Potential Involvement in Allelochemical Interference Interactions: Methodological Limitations in Establishing Conclusive Proof of Allelopathy, B.R. Dalton
    Biochemical Analysis of Allelopathic Compounds: Plants, Microorganisms, and Soil Secondary Metabolites, G.R. Waller, M.-C. Feng, and Y. Fujii
    Microspectrofluorimetry of Intact Secreting Cells, with Applications to the Study of Allelopathy, V.V. Roshchina and E.V. Melnikova
    Interactions among Plant and Microbial Systems
    Pollen Allelopathy, S.D. Murphy
    Allelopathic Bacteria, O. Barazani and J. Friedman
    Allelochemistry in Plankton Communities, K.I. Keating
    Allelopathy in Benthic and Littoral Areas: Case Studies on Allelochemicals from Benthic Cyanobacteria and Submersed Macrophytes, E.M. Gross
    Australian Studies on Allelopathy in Eucalyptus: A Review, R. Willis
    The Study of Allelopathy in Australia: 1988-1993, B.-S. Kil and J.V. Lovett
    Historical Review and Current Models of Forest Succession and Interference, D.W. Gilmore
    Ecological Aspects
    Plant Phenolics and Terpenoids: Transformation, Degradation, and Potential for Allelopathic Interactions, Inderjit, H.H. Cheng, and H. Nishimura
    Variation of Flavonoid Synthesis Induced by Ecological Factors, N.C. Lobón and J.C. Escudero
    Catalytic Transformation of Phenolic Compounds in theSoils, P.M. Huang, M.C. Wang, and M.K. Wang
    The Role of Flavan-3-Ols in Plant Defense, W. Feucht and D. Treutter
    Microbial Competition and Soil Structure Limit the Expression of Allelochemicals in Nature, S.K. Schmidt and R.E. Ley
    Lignin-Related Phenolic Acids in Peat Soils and Implications in Tropical Rice Sterility Problem, T. Katase
    Effect of Plant Polyphenols on Nutrient Cycling and Implications for Community Structure, R.R. Northup, R.A. Dahlgren, T.M. Aide, and J.K. Zimmerman
    Biochemical, Chemical, and Physiological Aspects
    Detoxification of Allelochemicals in Higher Plants and Enzymes Involved, M. Schulz and A. Friege
    Effect of Different Concentrations and Application Period of p--Hydroxybenzoic Acid on Development, Yield, and Yield Components of Spring Wheat, O. Christen and C. Theuer
    Biochemical Effects of Allelopathic Alkaloids, M. Wink, B. Lutz-Brüning, and T. Schmeller
    Higher Plant Flavonoids: Biosynthesis and Chemical Ecology, M.A. Berhow and S.F. Vaughn
    Allelochemical Function of Coumarins on the Plant Surface, A. M. Zobel
    Biological Significance of Plant Saponins, W.A. Oleszek, R.E. Hoagland, and R.M. Zablotowicz
    Allelopathic Potential of Grain Sorghum (Sorghum biocolor [L.]Moench) and Related Species, L.A. Weston, C.I. Nimbal, and P.l. Jeandet
    An Integrated View of Allelochemicals and Amid Multiple Stresses, F.A. Einhellig
    Biological Control of Plant Disease and Weeds: Applied Aspects
    Potentially Useful Natural Product Herbicides from Microorganisms, H.G. Cutler
    Allelopathic Interactions in the Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Fruit, C.T. Bull
    Potential of Cultivar Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) as Source of Natural Herbicide Templates, F.A. Macian, R.M. Varcia, A. Torrés, and J.M.G. Molinillo
    Biological Properties of Rue (Ruta graveolens L.): Potential Use in Sustainable AgriculturalSystems, G. Aliotta and F. Cafiero


    K.M.M. Dakshini, Chester L. Foy, Inderjit