1st Edition

Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics, Volume 3 Advanced Genomics

Edited By Chittaranjan Kole, Albert G. Abbott Copyright 2010
    636 Pages
    by CRC Press

    634 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book presents the basic and applied aspects of sequencing of genes and genomes and their implication in the fine-scale elucidation of the plant genomes. The third volume presents an overview on the advances of plant genomics made in the past century; deliberations on the genomics resources; concepts, tools, strategies, and achievements of comparative, evolutionary, and functional genomics and whole-genome sequencing. It also presents critical reviews on the already completed genome initiatives and glimpses on the currently progressing genome initiatives. This volume is an ideal reference book for students, scholars and scientists in academia, industry, and government.

    An Overview of Advances in Plant Genomics in the New Millennium, R.J. Henry
    Fundamentals of Physical Mapping, P. Azhaguvel, Y. Weng, R. Babu, A. Manickavelu, D.V. Saraswathi and H.S. Balyan
    Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics, A.L. Lawton-Rauh, C.R. Climer and B.L. Rauh
    ESTs and their Role in Functional Genomics, K. Melmaiee and V. Kalavacharla
    Whole Genome Sequencing, S.K. Parida and T. Mohapatra
    Arabidopsis Genome Initiative, R. Katam, D. Panathee, E. Basenko, R. Bandopadhyay, S.M. Basha and K. Eswaran
    Rice Genome Initiative, K.L. Childs and S. Ouyang
    The Populus Genome Initiative, S. DiFazio
    Peach Genome Initiative, A.G. Abbott
    Current Status of On-going Genome Initiatives, J.R. Soneji, M. Nageswara Rao and P. Sudarshana
    Concepts and Strategies for Reverse Genetics in Field, Forest and Bioenergy Crop Species, K. Kikuchi, C. Chesnais, S. Regan and T.P. Brutnell
    Genetic Variation Identified through Gene and Genome Sequencing, E.G. Bakker
    Transcriptional Profiling, S.R. Zwenger and C. Basu
    Advanced Bioinformatics Tools and Strategies, M. Hibbs
    Application of Genomics to Plant Breeding, T. Lübberstedt and M.K. Bhattacharya
    People, Policy and Plant Genomics, E. Frow and S. Yearley
    Roadmap of Genomics Research in the 21st Century, A.H. Paterson


    Chittaranjan Kole, Albert G. Abbott