1st Edition

Principles of Advertising A Global Perspective, Second Edition

By Monle Lee, Carla Johnson Copyright 2005
    450 Pages
    by Routledge

    450 Pages
    by Routledge

    "A complete and well-organized textbook on advertising"—Educational Book Review

    Principles of Advertising: A Global Perspective, Second Edition updates the classic first edition of this exceptional classroom resource, selected as one of CHOICE magazine’s Outstanding Academic Titles for 1999. Ideal for use as an introductory textbook, the book presents an integrated marketing approach that’s essential for keeping up with the changing world of contemporary advertising, and reflects the authors’ expertise not just in advertising, but also in the larger field of integrated marketing communications. The new edition of the book examines the environment in the advertising industry following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as market segmentation, target marketing, product positioning, buyer behavior, legal and political concerns, the creative aspects of advertising, and much more.

    Principles of Advertising: A Global Perspective, Second Edition equips instructors—and their students—with the fundamental elements of the field with emphasis on ethical issues. The book includes a foreword by Don E. Schultz of Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communication program and provides insights into effective local, national, and global integrated marketing strategies for print, electronic, and online advertising. This updated edition maintains the original format for each chapter of featuring “Global Perspectives,” “Ethics Tracks,” and short commentaries from practitioners in various fields, and adds 24 new illustrations and more recent examples of now-famous advertising campaigns.

    New material presented in Principles of Advertising: A Global Perspective, Second Edition includes:

    • the benefits of a graduate degree
    • client-agency relationships
    • targeting the middleman
    • marketing to men
    • Janet Jackson “exposed”
    • pop-up ads
    • marketing cosmetic surgery
    • advertising as programming
    • controversial campaigns
    • behavioral targeting or online stalking?
    Principles of Advertising: A Global Perspective, Second Edition examines new theories, new technologies, well-known advertising campaigns, and cultural considerations for advertising in foreign markets to give your students current and proven information on the changing world of advertising.

    • Foreword (Don E. Schultz)
    • Preface to the Second Edition (Kate Dooley)
    • Acknowledgments
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to Advertising
    • Advertising Defined
    • Advertising Classifications
    • The Global Perspective: Global Brand Creation
    • Advertising Functions
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Ethics Track: Has the Top Pharmaceutical Advertiser Abused Its Power?
    • The Evolution of Advertising
    • Summary
    • :30 Spot: Integrating an IMC Philosophy
    • Chapter 2. The Advertising Environment: Economy, Society, and Technology
    • The Advertising Environment
    • The Global Perspective: Know When to Back Off
    • Economic Forces and Advertising
    • Social Forces and Advertising
    • Ethics Track: Invasive Technologies
    • Technological Forces and Advertising
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: The Times They Are Changin’
    • Chapter 3. Legal and Political Forces and Advertising
    • The Political and Legal Environments in the United States
    • The Global Perspective: The Impact of Advertising Environment on International Advertising
    • The Political and Legal Environments in Other Selected Countries
    • Ethics Track: Tobacco’s Woes
    • Summary
    • :30 Spot: The Benefits of a Graduate Degree
    • Chapter 4. The Advertising Business and Advertising Agencies
    • The Advertising Business
    • The Global Perspective: “I’m Lovin’ It” in China
    • The Advertising Agency
    • Agency Compensation
    • Ethics Track: The Canadian Conundrum
    • Client-Agency Relationships
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: The Milk Mustache Story
    • Chapter 5. Market Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Product Positioning
    • Market Segmentation
    • The Global Perspective: A Week in Marketing
    • Target Marketing
    • Ethics Track: Marketing Cosmetic Surgery
    • Product Positioning
    • Summary
    • :30 Spot: “Paws-itively Hilarious”
    • Chapter 6. Buyer Behavior and Advertising
    • The Buyer Decision Process
    • The Global Perspective: We Can Create It, but We Can’t Show It
    • Factors Influencing the Business Market
    • Factors Influencing the Consumer Market
    • Ethics Track: Marketing to Men
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: Marketing Professional Services
    • Chapter 7. Marketing and Advertising Research
    • Marketing Research
    • The Global Perspective: Consumer Intelligence
    • Advertising Research
    • Research Trends
    • Ethics Track: Janet Jackson Exposed
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: Writing the Road to Success
    • Chapter 8. The Marketing and Advertising Planning Process
    • The Marketing Plan
    • The Global Perspective: When Coke May Not Be “It”
    • The Advertising Plan
    • Ethics Track: Olympic Sponsorship Ambushed
    • Making Budget Decisions
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: A Day in the Life of an Evolving Brand
    • Chapter 9. The Creative Aspect of Advertising
    • Creative Concepts or Creativity in Advertising
    • The Global Perspective: Hard Sell Is a Hard Sell Overseas
    • Development in Creative Strategy
    • Ethics Track: Advertising As Programming?
    • Summary
    • :30 Spot: The Key to Great Creative
    • Chapter 10. Advertising Production
    • Print Advertising Production
    • The Global Perspective: When the Big Idea Goes Abroad
    • Broadcast Advertising Production
    • Ethics Track: The War on Advertising
    • Internet Advertising Production
    • Summary
    • :60 Spot: Vicki’s Choice: Healthy Challenges
    • Chapter 11. Advertising Media Planning and Selection


    Monle Lee, Carla Johnson