4th Edition

Principles of Environmental Thermodynamics and Kinetics

    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

    496 Pages 142 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Environmental engineering, is by its very nature, interdisciplinary and it is a challenge to develop courses that will provide students with a thorough broad-based curriculum that includes every aspect of the environmental engineering profession. Environmental engineers perform a variety of functions, most critical of which are process design for waste treatment or pollution prevention, fate and transport modeling, green engineering, and risk assessment. Chemical thermodynamics and chemical kinetics, the two main pillars of physical chemistry, are two of the many subjects that are crucial to environmental engineering.

    Based on the success of the successes of previous editions, Principles of Environmental Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Fourth Edition, provides an overarching view of the applications of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics in various aspects of the field of environmental science and engineering.

    Written by experts in the field, this new edition offers an improved logical progression of the text with principles and applications, includes new case studies with current relevant environmental events and their relationship to thermodynamics and kinetics, and adds examples and problems for the updated environmental events. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of green engineering with relation applications, updated appendices, and an increased number of thermodynamic and kinetic data for chemical species.

    While it is primarily intended for undergraduate students at the junior/senior level, the breadth and scope of this book make it a valuable resource for introductory graduate courses and a useful reference for environmental engineers.

    Introduction. Basic Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Applications of Equilibrium Thermodynamics. Applications of Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Systems.


    Kalliat T. Valsaraj is the Charles and Hilda Roddey distinguished professor and the Ike East professor in chemical engineering in the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. 

    Elizabeth M. Melvin is currently an adjunct professor in the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

    "A comprehensive yet accessible textbook on chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, critical for scientists and engineers to properly understand and model environmental processes."
    —Pierre Herckes, Arizona State University, USA

    "This book is definitely required for scientists and engineers to analyze, quantify and solve environmental problems; as well as for students studying how to understand problems in environments of water, air and soil. The responsibility of scientists and engineers is to solve practical environmental problems scientifically. This book provides useful and practical strategies based on thermodynamics and chemical kinetics for solving environmental problems."
    —Yoshinori Kawase, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan

    "I had been following Professor Valsaraj’s book Principles of Environmental Thermodynamics and Kinetics since its first edition which came out in 1995…. I have gone through each revision since…. The 4th edition includes a new co-author, Dr. Melvin, which definitely adds an additional perspective and enhances the quality of the book. The book is very well written and presents the material in an easy to follow format. Though the subject material is hard by its very nature, the authors present it in a way that makes it easier to follow. This book is very well suited for students pursuing chemical and environmental engineering undergraduate and graduate degrees."
    —Raghava Kommalapati, Prairie View A&M University, Texas, USA

    "This Fourth Edition of Principles of Environmental Thermodynamics and Kinetics deserves a place on the bookshelf of students, faculty, scientists and engineers dedicated to designing and creating an environment free from the adverse effects of chemicals."
    —Don Mackay, Trent University, Ontario, Canada

    "The book is targeted at providing fundamental understanding of equilibrium thermodynamics and chemical kinetics for students and practitioners of environmental engi