2nd Edition

Principles of Equity and Trusts

By Alastair Hudson Copyright 2022
    648 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    648 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is the second edition of Principles of Equity and Trusts , the concise new textbook from Alastair Hudson – the author of the definitive classic, Equity and Trusts. Through clear and careful analysis, the author explains what the law is, its foundational principles, and its social and economic effect. By beginning with the core principles on which this field is based, even the most complex academic debates concerning express, resulting and constructive trusts, the family home, charities law and other equitable doctrines become comprehensible and interesting. This book offers a fresh, lively and often humorous account of Equity and Trusts.

    Through easy-to-follow worked examples and analysis of the case law, Alastair helps you to answer problem questions and to prepare coursework. The author shows how the law affects real people in real situations. Each chapter begins with a clear and concise introduction to the core principles. It contains numbered headings for ease of navigation and advice on studying this subject. Students also have access to Professor Hudson’s ever-popular supporting website, which has had hundreds of thousands of hits over the years. It has over 50 brief podcasts on key issues which have been specially re-recorded to coincide with the publication of this book. That website also contains detailed lectures, a variety of videos explaining the law and guidance on tackling assessments.

    Characterised by the passion and enthusiasm for his subject matter that make Alastair Hudson’s classic textbook so popular, Principles of Equity and Trusts is sure to be a winner with both academics and students alike.

    Part 1: Fundamentals

    1. The Nature of Equity

    2. The Nature of Trusts

    Part 2: The Creation of Express Trusts

    3. The Three Certainties

    4. The Beneficiary Principle

    5. The Constitution of Trusts

    6. Secret Trusts

    7. Essay: The Paradox in Express Trusts

    Part 3: The Role of the Trustees

    8. The Duties of Trustees

    9. The Investment of Trusts

    10. The Management of Trusts

    Part 4: Trusts Implied by Law

    11. Resulting Trusts

    12. Constructive Trusts

    13. Proprietary estoppel

    14. Essay: Fiduciaries

    Part 5: Trusts of Land and of the Home

    15. Trusts of Homes

    16. Trusts of Land

    17. Essay: A Politics of Trusts Law

    Part 6: Breach of Trust and Tracing

    18. Breach of Trust

    19. Strangers: dishonest assistance and unconscionable receipt

    20. Tracing

    Part 7: Commercial Uses of Trusts

    21. Commercial and international trusts law

    22. Quistclose Trusts

    Part 8: Charities

    23. Charities

    Part 9: Equitable Remedies

    24. Injunctions

    Part 10: Academic Themes in Equity & Trusts

    25. Essay: Restitution of unjust enrichment

    26. Essay: The concept of conscience in equity

    27. Essay: Modern equity



    Alastair Hudson is Visiting Professor of Law, University of Reading. He was formerly Professor of Equity & Finance Law at Queen Mary University of London, the University of Southampton, the University of Exeter and the University of Strathclyde (where he was Head of School). He is the author of more than 20 books on various aspects of law. He is a National Teaching Fellow, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and was voted UK Law Teacher of the Year.