1st Edition

Principles of Literary Criticism V3

By John Constable, I. A. Richards Copyright 2001

    First Published in 2001. This is Volume 3 of the Selected Works of I.A. Richards from 1919 to 1938 and concerns itself with the principles of literary criticism from 1924.

    Part 1 Principles of Literary Criticism; Chapter Preface; Chapter 1 The Chaos of Critical Theories; Chapter 2 The Phantom Aesthetic State; Chapter 3 The Language of Criticism; Chapter 4 Communication and the Artist; Chapter 5 The Critics’ Concern with Value; Chapter 6 Value as an Ultimate Idea; Chapter 7 A Psychological Theory of Value1Editorial Note: In the marked copy in the Richards Collection, IAR, probably writing in 1930, before the 4th Edition, has emended one of the running heads for this Chapter, on page 49, with an alternative title, ‘A Biological Theory of Value’.; Chapter 8 Art and Morals; Chapter 9 Actual and Possible Misapprehensions; Chapter 10 Poetry for Poetry’s Sake; Chapter 11 A Sketch for a Psychology; Chapter 12 Pleasure; Chapter 13 Emotion and the Coenesthesia; Chapter 14 Memory; Chapter 15 Attitudes; Chapter 16 The Analysis of a Poem; Chapter 17 Rhythm and Metre; Chapter 18 On Looking at a Picture; Chapter 19 Sculpture and the Construction of Form; Chapter 20 The Impasse of Musical Theory; Chapter 21 A Theory of Communication; Chapter 22 The Availability of the Poet’s Experience; Chapter 23 Tolstoy’s Infection Theory; Chapter 24 The Normality of the Artist; Chapter 25 Badness in Poetry; Chapter 26 Judgement and Divergent Readings; Chapter 27 Levels of Response and the Width of Appeal; Chapter 28 The Allusiveness of Modern Poetry; Chapter 29 Permanence as a Criterion; Chapter 30 The Definition of a Poem; Chapter 31 Art, Play, and Civilization; Chapter 32 The Imagination; Chapter 33 Truth and Revelation Theories; Chapter 34 The Two Uses of Language; Chapter 35 Poetry and Beliefs; Part 2 Editorial Appendix 3: Science and Poetry (1926); Chapter 36 The General Situation; Chapter 37 The Poetic Experience; Chapter 38 What is Valuable; Chapter 39 The Command of Life; Chapter 40 The Neutralization of Nature; Chapter 41 Poetry and Beliefs; Chapter 42 Some Contemporary Poets


    I.A. Richards Lecturer in English Magdalene College Cambridge