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    The Theory and Applications of Nanophotonics Devices, Fabrication, and Systems

    Coauthored by the developer of nanophotonics, Principles of Nanophotonics outlines physically intuitive concepts of the subject using a novel theoretical framework that differs from conventional wave optics. It probes far-reaching physical insights into the local electromagnetic interaction in the nanometric subsystem composed of electrons and photons.

    After reviewing the background, history, and current status of research and development in nanophotonics and related technologies, the book presents a unique theoretical model to describe the interactions among nanometric material systems via optical near-fields. It also evaluates a nonadiabatic fabrication process using this theoretical model. The authors then explore nanophotonic devices and fabrication techniques and provide examples of qualitative innovation. The final chapter looks at how the assembly of nanophotonic devices produces a nanophotonic system.

    Realize the Great Potential of Nanophotonics

    Nanophotonics is on its way to revolutionizing various applications in devices, fabrications, and information and communication systems. Promoting further exploration in the field, this book helps you understand the theory behind nanophotonics and how it can be applied to devices and systems.

    Modern Optical Science and Technology and the Diffraction Limit
    Breaking Through the Diffraction Limit
    Nanophotonics and Its True Nature
    Some Remarks
    Basis of Nanophotonics
    Optical Near-Fields and Effective Interactions as a Base for Nanophotonics
    Principles of Operations of Nanophotonic Devices Using Optical Near-Fields
    Principles of Nanofabrication Using Optical Near-Fields
    Nanophotonic Devices
    Excitation Energy Transfer
    Device Operation
    Interconnection with Photonic Devices
    Room Temperature Operation
    Nanophotonic Fabrication
    Adiabatic Nanofabrication
    Nonadiabatic Nanofabrications
    Self-Assembling Method Via Optical Near-Field Interactions
    Fundamentals of Nanophotonic Systems
    Optical Excitation Transfer and System Fundamentals
    Hierarchy in Nanophotonics and Its System Fundamentals
    Summary and Discussion
    Appendix A: Projection Operator
    Appendix B: Effective Operator and Effective Interaction
    Appendix C: Elementary Excitation Mode and Electronic Polarization
    Appendix D: Minimal Coupling and Multipolar Hamiltonians
    Appendix E: Transformation from Photon Base to Polariton Base
    References appear at the end of each chapter.


    Motoichi Ohtsu, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Tadashi Kawazoe, Takashi Yatsui, Makoto Naruse