3rd Edition

Principles of Operative Surgery Surgical Skills and Patient Safety for the MRCS OSCE, Third Edition

By Sarah Asbury, A Mishra, K M Mokbel Copyright 2000

    A comprehensive selection of multiple-choice questions for the 'Part 1' of the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (England) examination and its Scottish equivalent the AFRCS. Questions have been chosen to reflect the structure of the examination and include many that are similar to those that were asked over the last few years. Both the Core Module and the System Module of the examination are covered. Detailed answers are provided. Kefah Mokbel has written a number of books for the surgical examinations as well as for other professional examinations and is also the principal lecturer on the MasterPass MRCS course. This book reflects his considerable experience of the MRCS examination and will be invaluable to candidates preparing for this examination.

    Tips for passing the Viva. Further reading. Acute limb Ischaemia. Anastomoses. Airway management. Aneurysms. Appendicitis. ATLS. Below knee amputation. Bowel obstruction. Breast disease. Burns. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Cholecystectomy. Circumcision. Colorectal carcinoma. Colostomy. Compartment syndrome. Diathermy. Epistaxis. Femoral hernia repair. Fractured neck of femur. Haemorrhoids. Head injury. Hiatus hernia. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. Incisions and closures. Informed consent. Ingrowing toenails. Inguinal hernia repair. Laparoscopic surgery. Large bowel disease. Malignant breast disease. Nephrectomy. Open fractures. Operating theatres and sterile precautions. Paediatric inguinal hernia. Parotid gland surgery. Patient safety in theatre. Peptic ulcer disease. Perianal sepsis. Pancreatitis. Paraumbilical and Incisional Hernias. Phaeochromocytoma. Replacement Arthroplasty. Right Hemicolectomy. Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Screening. Skin grafts. Skin malignancy. Splenectomy. Spinal injuries. Sutures and needles. Testicular cancer. Testicular torsion. Thoracic trauma. Thyroid disease. Tourniquets. Tracheostomy. Transplantation. Transurethral resection of the prostate. Urinary tract calculi. Vasectomy. Varicose vein surgery. Wound healing. Controlled clinical trials. Medical statistics. Surgical audit.


    Sarah Asbury, A Mishra, K M Mokbel