3rd Edition

Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing

By Mickey C. Smith Copyright 1985

    Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Third Edition offers the perspectives of both those who teach and those who practice pharmaceutical marketing. This reflects the need for and the effort to provide the most relevant “real world” approach to this complex and fascinating field. This text is designed for undergraduate students in pharmacy whose background in marketing is limited, those actually involved in pharmaceutical marketing, and anyone desiring an introduction to the intricacies involved in the marketing of pharmaceutical products.

    Contents Part One: The Pharmaceutical Market
    • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Marketing
    • Identification of the Market
    • Market Behavior
    • Physician Prescribing Habits
    • Patient Motivation
    • Market Analysis
    • Part Two: The Pharmaceutical Product
    • Drug Development and the Marketing-Research Interface
    • Diversification and Specialization
    • Marketing Generic Drugs
    • Nonprescription Drugs
    • Part Three: Distribution Channels
    • The Manufacturer
    • The Wholesaler
    • The Retailer
    • Hospitals and Government Agencies
    • Part Four: Competitive Practices
    • Economic and Competitive Aspects of the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Advertising
    • Detailing and Other Forms of Promotion
    • Retail Competition--The Community Level
    • International Marketing
    • Part Five: Controls
    • Internal Controls
    • External Controls
    • Suggested Readings
    • Index


    Mickey C. Smith Ph.D.