1st Edition

Printing with Adobe Photoshop CS4

By Tim Daly Copyright 2009
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This essential resource is the only guide you'll ever need to printing with Photoshop. Acclaimed author and photographer Tim Daly brings a wealth of experience to this under-resourced topic, covering every aspect of the printing process using Photoshop. Not content with simply covering the software, Tim approaches the entire workflow. This means that right from the moment of capture, your photos are optimised for the highest print quality from Photoshop. Topics covered include image capture and management, file processing,  creative emphasis, proofing, Photoshop print functions, color management (both input and output), printer hardware and software, and, of course, the actual printing.

    Buy this book, and see an immediate difference to the quality of your prints. Authoritative, practical and comprehensive, this is a must-have for every photographer using Photoshop.

    Section 1: Image management essentials

    Section 2: Input colour management

    Section 3: File processing essentials

    Section 4: Creative emphasis

    Section 5: Creative tonal change

    Section 6: Creative colour change

    Section 7: Creative print styles

    Section 8: Creative print edges

    Section 9: Experimental printing

    Section 10: Proofing, preview and prediction

    Section 11: Photoshop Print Functions

    Section 12: Output colour management

    Section 13: Using Printer Software

    Section 14: Printer software functions

    Section 15: Paper and ink essentials

    Section 16: Hardware essentials

    Section 17: Photolab services

    Section 18: Online print services

    Section 19: Walk-up and portable print services

    Section 20: On-demand book services

    Section 21: Special print services

    Section 22: Print evaluation and presentation

    Section 23: Mounting and storage

    Section 24: References and resources

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    Author background
    Since studying photography under John Hedgecoe and Michael Langford at the Royal College of Art, Tim Daly has become a well-known writer on digital photography and digital printing. During this time he has worked as a professional photographer for many blue-chip clients and national newspapers and has exhibited his work at major UK and European galleries. Tim Daly has also worked as a lecturer in photo-imaging for 20 years and combines his knowledge of teaching and learning with an infectious enthusiasm for his subject. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Chester and an Ilford/Harman Masterclass leader. Tim Daly's books are characterised by inspirational and original photography and jargon-free language. Tim also runs Photocollege, the online learning centre for photo-imaging on www.photocollege.co.uk.

    Current Position
    Senior Lecturer in Photography, University of Chester, UK

    Previous titles:
    The Digital Photography Handbook (Quintet, 2001)
    The Digital Printing Handbook (Argentum/Watson Guptill, 2003)
    The Desktop Photographer (Argentum/Quarto 2003)
    The Encyclopaedia of Digital Photography (Quintet, 2004)
    The Essential Guide to Photography (Rotovision, 2004)
    Digital Retouching and Restoration (Rotovision, 2004)
    The Digital Color Printing Handbook (Argentum/Watson Guptill, 2005)
    The Digital Photo Doctor (ILEX/ Readers Digest, 2006)
    Creating Exhibition-Quality Digital Prints (Argentum, 2007)
    The Photographers Yearbook (AC Black, 2008)
    Printing for Digital Photographers (GMC Publications, 2008)

    Regular freelance Contributor to:
    Ag: The international journal of photographic art and practice (UK)
    Better Photoshop Techniques (Aus)
    Black and White Photography (UK)
    Outdoor Photography (UK)
    The British Journal of Photography (UK)
    Digital Camera Magazine (UK)
    What Digital Camera (UK)