1st Edition

Prisoners' Children What are the Issues?

Edited By Roger Shaw Copyright 1992

    Justice, it is said, is about acquitting the innocent and punishing the guilty. Why then, asks Roger Shaw, are the children of imprisoned parents often penalised the most? The abuse, stigma and neglect experienced by many of these children raise serious questions about the nature of criminal justice. Originally published in 1992, Prisoners’ Children provides the first in-depth look at these hidden victims of crime and examines ways in which the harm can be reduced.

    The contributors – a wide range of leading practitioners and academics in the field – address such diverse issues as the psychological impact of parental incarceration on children, the added problem of racism facing black children and their families, and the particular needs of mothers and babies in prison.

    Prisoners’ Children is a major resource for anyone who needs to know what can be done to confront these and other issues within prisons, the probation service, and schools.

    List of Tables.  List of Contributors.  Preface.  Introduction: Defining and Addressing the Issues Roger Shaw.  Introduction: Theory, Practice, and an Example Nigel WalkerPart I: The Impact of Parental Imprisonment Upon Children  1. The Separation of Children and Parents: Some Issues and Problems Martin Richards  2. Infants with Mothers in Prison Liza Catan  3. Mothers Inside, Children Outside: What Happens to the Dependent Children of Female Inmates? Jane Woodrow  4. Imprisoned Fathers and the Orphans of Justice Roger Shaw  5. Prison Rule 102: ‘Stand by Your Man’: The Impact of Penal Policy on the Families of Prisoners Kathleen McDermott and Roy D. King  6. Men’s Imprisonment: The Financial Cost to Women and Children Ann Davis  7. We Are Not the Problem: Black Children and Their Families Within the Criminal Justice System Ya’el Amira  Part II: The Response of Society  8. The Child, the Imprisoned Parent and the Law Richard Vogler  9. Prisoners’ Children: The Role and Responsibility of the Prison Service in England and Wales Fiona Clarke, Tim Newell and Alan Rayfield  10. Health, Social, and Educational Needs of Parents and Children Affected by Imprisonment in Scotland Dan Anderson, John Basson, Kay Blackstock, Tom Buyers, Angus Creighton, Kate Gill, Roisin Hall, Moira Maclean, Margaret McTaggart, John Pearce. Edited with an Introduction by Ian Thompson  11. The Northern Ireland Troubles: Long-Term Prisoners and their Children W. James Hughes  12. Prisoners’ Families: Should the Probation Service have a Role? Linda Wilson-Croome  13. A Link with Normality: The Role a School Could Play to Help a Prisoner’s Child in Crisis Stephen Moore  14. Prisoners’ Children: The Role of Prison Visitors’ Centres Eva Lloyd  15. Conclusion: Politics, Policy, and Practice Roger Shaw.  Name Index.  Subject Index.


    Roger Shaw