1st Edition

Privacy, Trust and Social Media

    296 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Trust is important – it influences new technologies adoption and learning, enhances using social media, new technologies, IoT, and blockchain, and it contributes to the practical implementations of cybersecurity policy in organizations. This edited research volume examines the main issues and challenges associated with privacy and trust on social media in a manner relevant to both practitioners and scholars. Readers will gain knowledge across disciplines on trust and related concepts, theoretical underpinnings of privacy issues and trust on social media, and empirically-validated trust-building practice on social media. Social Media, Privacy Issues and Trust-building aims to bring together the theory and practice of social media, privacy issues, and trust. It offers a look at the current state of trust and privacy, including a comprehensive overview of both research and practical applications. It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest to researchers, students at an advanced level, and academics, in the fields of business ethics, entrepreneurship, management of technology and innovation, marketing, and information management. Practitioners can also use the book as a toolbox to improve their understanding and promote opportunities related to building social media trust while taking into consideration of privacy issues.


    1. Privacy in social media– future directions

    Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Kuanchin Chen and Jerzy Gołuchowski

    2. Millennials' Trust and Privacy in Social Commerce: A Structuration Theory Perspective

    M. Noor Ardiansah, Yusmar Ardhi Hidayat and Judit Oláh

    3. Anonymity and the right to privacy - building trust in the Internet

    Ewa Stawicka

    4. How do employers protect data and privacy? Measuring trust in data-driven workplaces

    Dave E. Marcial, Jade O. Montemayor, Fredlie P. Bucog and Markus A. Launer

    5. The risk of commodification of privacy and trust in confessional journalism

    Katarzyna Zdanowicz-Cyganiak

    6. Is the social media usage of enterprises correlated to a lack of consumers’ digital trust? The case of European countries

    Monika Utzig, Ana Kapaj Mane and Małgorzanta Raczkowska


    7. Responsible use of social media – the issue of trust

    Ewa Stawicka and Hasan Bilgehan Yavuz

    8. Swift Trust in the age of artificial intelligence

    Kuanchin Chen and Joanna Paliszkiewicz

    9. Word-of-mouth, attitude and digital trust in social media in relation to online shopping intentions

    Anna Jasiulewicz, Fatih Cetin, Marzena Lemanowicz and Markus Launer

    10. Trust or recklessness - a study of behavior of social media users in Albania and Poland

    Iwona Pomianek and Etleva Muça

    11. Mutual trust in the preparedness process of concept for comprehensive security

    Vesa-Jukka Vornanen, Josu Takala and Magdalena Madra Sawicka

    12. Trust in the use of Internet services

    Agnieszka Tul-Krzyszczuk, Barbara Wyrzykowska and Tatiana Balanowska

    13. Trust and the willingness to buy via the Internet

    Elżbieta Kacperska, Jakub Kraciuk and Katarzyna Łukasiewicz


    14. Wine marketing in Sweden and Poland: Building trust in social media

    Anna Mazurkiewicz-Pizło and Olga Rauhut Kompaniets

    15. Is social media trustworthy for building life partnerships?

    Cezar Scarlat and Alexandra Ioanid

    16. The importance of social responsibility in building the mutual trust of market participants

    Anna Dąbrowska, Irena Ozimek and Liudmyla Shulhina

    17. Cooperation of companies with influencers in building trust in the brand

    Agnieszka Werenowska, Ewa Jaska and Agata Balińska

    18. The role of social media in trust-building in agriculture

    Paulina Kramarz and Henryk Runowski

    19. Building trust on social media as part of higher education institutions' marketing strategy

    Piotr Pietrzak and Mariusz Grębowiec

    20. Social media as an innovative tool for trust-building by healthcare companies

    Michł Borowy

    21. The role of social media in shaping brand trust, brand equity and brand loyalty

    Hanna Górska-Warsewicz, Adriana Krawczyk and Maciej Dębski


    Joanna Paliszkiewicz is a Professor and the Director of the Management Institute at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland.

    Kuanchin Chen is a Professor of Computer Information Systems and the Director of the Center for Business Analytics at Western Michigan University, USA.

    Jerzy Gołuchowski is a professor and Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Communication at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland.