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Private Corporations and their Control Part 2

By A.B. Levy Copyright 1950
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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    This is Volume XI of eighteen in a series on the Sociology of Work and Organisation. First published in 1950, this is a is part two and focuses on the legal problems of private corporations, including shareholders rights and duties, as well as management and control.

    PART II LEGAL PROBLEMS OF PRIVATE CORPORATIONS (Continued) III. SHAREHOLDERS' RIGHTS AND DUTIES 50. The Rights of Shareholders in General 5I. Contribution and Liability 52. Liability as against Creditors 53. Liability in respect of Shares for Property 54. The Rights of Shareholders to Dividends 55. Prohibition of Payment of Interest 56. Declaration of Dividends 56a. Payment of Dividends 57. Position after Declaration of Dividends 58. Dividend Policy 59. Transfer of Shares 60. Bonds and Debentures 61. Preference Shares 62. Share Certificates as means of Transfer 63. Register of Members 64. Shares of No-Par Value IV. MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL 65· The Powers of Corporations. The Doctrine of Ultra Vires 66. Acquisition by a Company of its own Shares 67· The General Meeting. Preliminary Remarks 68. The Annual General Meeting 69· Notice, Time and Place of Meeting 70. Procedure. 71. Voting Rights 72. Proxies 73· Mode of Voting 74· Voting Trusts 75· Conflict of Interests 76. Nominees 77· Records of Meetings 78. Protection of Minorities 79. Directors and their Powers 80. Removal of Directors 81. Duties and Responsibilities of Directors. 82. Restrictions on Directors 83. Directors' Remuneration 784. Accounts' 85. The Balance Sheet 86. The Profit and Loss Account 87. Directors' Report, Signature of the Accounts 88. Supervision of the Accounts: the Audit. 89. Investigation and Inspection 90. Increase of Capital 91. Reduction of Capital 92. Holding Companies 93. The Private Company. 94. The One-man Company 95. Dissolution 96. Government Control CONCLUSIONS. MAIN SOURCES OF PART II