1st Edition

Private Organisations in Global Politics

Edited By Karsten Ronit, Volker Schneider Copyright 2000

    Private Organisation in Global Politics is a groundbreaking study which brings together a broad range of case-studies to examine the role and character of private organisations in the process of political globalization. Focusing on areas such as human rights organisations, the international women's movement and the combating of disease, the panel of expert contributors investigate the function of these in relation to governance in the globalizing world.

    Chapter 1 Private organizations and their contribution to problem-solving in the global arena, Karsten Ronit, Volker Schneider; Chapter 2 Representation of private organizations in the global diplomacy of economic policy-making, Peter Willetts; Chapter 3 Embedding global financial markets, Philip G. Cerny; Chapter 4 The good, the bad or the ugly?, Karsten Ronit; Chapter 5 The Internet Society and its struggle for recognition and influence, Raymund Werle, Volker Leib; Chapter 6 Why do community-based AIDS organizations co-ordinate at the global level?, Patrick Kenis; Chapter 7 The global social capital of human rights movements, Volker Schneider; Chapter 8 The international women’s movement as a private political actor between accommodation and change, Bob Reinalda; Chapter 9 The policy roles of private research institutes in global politics, Diane Stone;


    Karsten Ronit is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.,
    Volker Schneider is Professor at the Department of Politics and Management, University of Constance, Germany.