2nd Edition

Private Security An Introduction to Principles and Practice

By Charles P. Nemeth Copyright 2023
    958 Pages 365 Color & 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    958 Pages 365 Color & 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    958 Pages 365 Color & 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Private Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice, Second Edition explains foundational security principles—defining terms and outlining the increasing scope of security in daily life—while reflecting current practices of private security as an industry and profession. 

    The book looks at the development and history of the industry, outlines fundamental security principles, and the growing dynamic and overlap that exists between the private sector security and public safety and law enforcement—especially since the events of 9/11. Chapters focus on current practice, reflecting the technology-driven, fast-paced, global security environment. Such topics covered include security law and legal issues, risk management, physical security, human resources and personnel considerations, investigations, institutional and industry-specific security, crisis and emergency planning, computer, and information security. A running theme of this edition is highlighting—where appropriate—how security awareness, features, and applications have permeated all aspects of our modern lives.

    Key Features:

    • Provides current best practices detailing the skills that professionals, in the diverse and expanding range of career options, need to succeed in the field
    • Outlines the unique role of private sector security companies as compared to federal and state law enforcement responsibilities
    • Includes key terms, learning objectives, end of chapter questions, Web exercises, and numerous references—throughout the book—to enhance student learning

    Critical infrastructure protection and terrorism concepts, increasingly of interest and relevant to the private sector, are referenced throughout the book. Threat assessment and information sharing partnerships between private security entities public sector authorities—at the state and federal levels—are highlighted. Private Security, Second Edition takes a fresh, practical approach to the private security industry’s role and impact in a dynamic, ever-changing threat landscape.

    1: Security Origins and Development 2: Concept, Context, and Definiition: Security 3: Private Security, Public Policing, and Occupational 4: Private Security Industry, Organizational Structure, and Definition 5: Private Security and the Law 6: Risk Management 7: Physical Security 8: Security: Human Resources and Personnel 9: Investigations and Investigative Reporting for the Security Professional 10: Crisis Planning and Prevention of Accidents, Emergencies, and Disasters 11: Critical Infrastructure Security 12: Private Security and Art and Cultural, Educational, Religious, and Medical Institutions 13: Private Security: Hospitality, Gaming, Event, and Mall Property 14: Information, IT, and Computer Security 15: The Future of the Private Security Industry: A Philosophical Outlook


    Dr. Charles P. Nemeth has spent much of his professional life in the study and practice of law and justice. He is a recognized expert on professional ethics and the justice system, private sector justice, and private security systems. He recently assumed the role of Professor and Program Director at Franciscan University of Steubenville, leaving behind an impressive record of program leadership and curricular development for nearly four decades. Before Franciscan, he was Chair and Professor of Security, Fire and Emergency Management and Director of the Center of Private Security and Safety at John Jay College in New York City.

    He is a prolific writer, having published numerous texts and articles on law and justice throughout his career. His text, Private Security and the Law, 5th edition (CRC Press/Taylor Routledge, 2018), is considered the foremost treatise on the subject matter. His private security expertise is further buttressed by Private Security and Investigative Process, 4th edition (CRC Press, 2019); Private Security: Principles and Practice (CRC Press, 2019) with a 2nd edition to be in print in 2022; Criminal Law 2nd edition (CRC Press, 2012) with a new edition planned for 2022; and Law and Evidence, 3rd edition (CRC Press/Taylor Francis, 2022). In the area of Homeland Security, he has published Introduction to Homeland Security: Practices and Principles, 3rd edition (CRC Press, 2010, 2014, 2017). A fourth edition has just been authored and to be released.

    He has also authored a series of philosophical works on Thomas Aquinas including Aquinas on Crime (St. Augustine’s Press, 2010); Aquinas in the Courtroom (Praeger/Greenwood Press, 2001); Aquinas and King: A Discourse on Civil Disobedience (Carolina Academic Press, 2011); and Cicero and Aquinas: A Comparative Study of Nature and the Natural Law (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018). More recently, he has completed two manuscripts: Natural Law and the U.S Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade (Anthem Press, 2020) and Happiness in a Complex World: Rules from Aristotle and Aquinas (Anthem Press, 2020). A second edition shall be published by Sophia Institute Press. Presently, he is authoring a Casebook on Forensic Law. He has also served as Chief Editor to a peer-reviewed journal The Homeland Security Review since 2005 and currently serves as Chief Editor for the Law, Ethics and Jurisprudence series to be published by Anthem Press. In addition, Dr. Nemeth is founding Editor of a new journal dedicated to the study and analysis of natural law jurisprudence, namely Natural Law and Justice. The journal is a major initiative of a newly established Center for Criminal Justice, Law and Ethics at Franciscan University. He has been an educator for more than 40 years. He holds memberships in the New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania Bars and been active as a general practitioner. Dr. Nemeth was previously a Chair at the State University of New York at Brockport and California University of PA, one of Pennsylvania’s 14 State Universities. He is a much-sought-after legal consultant for security companies and a recognized scholar on issues involving law, professional ethics and morality, and the impact of privatization on public justice models.

    Dr. Nemeth resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his spouse, Jean Marie, together for 50 years and blessed with seven children all of whom are accomplished personally and professionally.

    "This is an excellent, practitioner-based and comprehensive textbook on the practice of private security as an industry." —Dr. Joshua Sinai, IASCP Homeland Security Bookshelf