1st Edition

Private and Common Property Liberty, Property, and the Law

Edited By Richard A. Epstein Copyright 2000

    First published in 2000. The materials in this collection are drawn from many disciplines, including economics, law, philosophy and political science. Yet they are all directed to a topic that is worthy of examination from multiple perspectives: Liberty, Property and the Law. Stated in this general form, this topic is as broad as law itself. Lawyers must have recourse to the grand principles of economic and social thought, but tempered with an awareness of how the novel circumstances of an individual case can call into question some of the elements of the grandest of theories. In this volume, therefore, the emphasis is as much on the points that separate different forms of property as it is on the conceptual theme that links all forms of property rights together.

    Series Introduction, Volume Introduction, Dialogue on Private Property, The Federal Communications Commission, The New Property, The Nature and Function of the Patent System, Common Law Intellectual Property and the Legacy of International News Service v. Associated Press, Possession as the Root of Title, Property in Land, The Comedy of the Commons: Custom, Commerce, and Inherently Public Property, On the Optimal Mix of Private and Common Property, Acknowledgments


    Richard A. Epstein University of Chicago Law School