1st Edition

Probabilistic Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
Proceedings of the conference, Canberra, 10-12 February 1993

Edited By

K.S. Li


S.-C.R. Lo

ISBN 9789054103035
Published December 31, 1991 by CRC Press
344 Pages

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Book Description

The proceedings of this conference contain keynote addresses on recent developments in geotechnical reliability and limit state design in geotechnics. It also contains invited lectures on such topics as modelling of soil variability, simulation of random fields and probability of rock joints.

Contents: Keynote addresses on recent development on geotechnical reliability and limit state design in geotechnics, and invited lectures on modelling of soil variability, simulation of random field, probabilistic of rock joints, and probabilistic design of foundations and slopes. Other papers on analytical techniques in geotechnical reliability, modelling of soil properties, and probabilistic analysis of slopes, embankments and foundations.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Keynote addresses -- Recent developments in geotechnical reliability /W.H.Tang -- Limit state design in geotechnics /K.S.Li, I.K.Lee&S-C.R.Lo -- Invited lectures -- Simulation of random fields /A. M.Hasofer -- Probabilistic design of foundations and earth structures /J.N.Kay -- Application of probability and statistics in joint network modeling in three dimensions /P.H.S.W. Kulatilake -- Probabilistic slope analysis - State-of-play /G.R.Mostyn & K.S.Li -- Soil variability: Characterisation and modelling /Weeks White -- Analytical techniques -- A new probabilistic finite element formulation for reliability analysis /X.LGuan & R.E.Melchers -- Determining failure probability by importance sampling based on high order statistics /A.M.Hasofer & J.Z.Wang -- Assessing the sensitivity of numerical models using response surface methodology /M. P. Humphreys & L.W.Armstrong -- Use and misuse of regression analysis and curve fitting in geotechnical engineering /K.S.U & WWhite -- Modem computational techniques for reliability estimation Robert /E. M etchers -- Modified JC method and the application in geotechnical engineering /Qinghua Zhang & Chenggang Bao -- Markov process modelling of local yield and stress redistribution in finite element calculations /J.Z.Zou, RH.Morris & D.J.Williams -- Modelling of soil and rock properties -- The coefficients of variation of some geotechnical parameters /C.Cherubini, C.I.Giasi & LRethati -- Geostatistical modelling of the spatial variation of the shear strength of a stiff, overconsolidated clay /M.B.Jaksa, W.S.Kaggwa & PI.Brooker -- A statistical study on shale properties: Relationships among principal shale properties /G.R.Lashkaripour & Maurice B.Dusseault -- Effect of variability on soil behaviour: A particulate approach /B.L.Liu, K.S.Li & S-C.R.Lo -- Laboratory evaluation of the geotechnical design characteristics of the sandstone aquifers in the Collie Basin /H.R.Nikraz & M. Press -- Assessment of subsoil variability with the cone penetration test /W.Tschuschke, Zb.Miynarek & M.Werno -- Statistical modelling of rock jointing /E.Villaescusa -- Scale of fluctuation as a descriptor of soil variability /Damika Wickremesinghe & R.G.Campanella -- Spatial correlation of rock joints /Y.F.Yu& G.R.Mostyn -- Stability of slopes and embankments -- Reanalysis of embankment failures on soft ground using empirical autocorrelations /DennesT.Bergado, Buenaventura C. Patron & Wisit Youyongwatana -- A probabilistic slope stability analysis using deterministic computer software /Yang Dai, D.G.Fredlund & W.J.Stolte -- An approximate probabilistic approach to slope stability for Hong Kong /J.N.Kay & T.Chen -- Probabilistic slip circle analysis of earth and rockfill dams /C.P.Tan, I.B.Donald & R.E.Melchers -- Foundations -- Reliability analysis of bearing capacity for a gravity wharf foundation in random field theory /Bao Cheng gang, Fluang Weifeng & Chang Qinghua -- Reliability analyses on pile bearing capacity /D.Z.Gao & J.P.Li -- Probabilistic prediction of differential settlements in sand Venanzio /R. Greco & Claudio Cherubini -- Reliability analysis on the stability of offshore platform foundation /Y.Zheng, D.Z.Gao & D.D.Wei -- Miscellaneous -- Designing anchored sheet pile walls by probabilistic methods /C.Cherubini & A.Garrasi -- How reliable are reliability estimates and why soils engineers rarely use them /C.P.Thorne & M.PQuine -- Author index.

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