1st Edition

Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

    This book presents the most important applications of probablistic and statistical approaches and procedures to structural engineering.

    Introduction. Glossary. Theory of structures and theory of probability. Part 1: Analytical methods. Random quantities and structural reliability. Models of external actions. Elastic structures. Plastic structures. Structural reliability and structural design. Part 2: Operative methods. Data statistics. Statistical analysis of random functions. Numerical methods and applications. Probabilistic methods and structural codes. Approximations, errors and open questions in probabilistic structural engineering. Part 3: Appendices. Elements of probability theory. Random variables. Functions of random variables. Sequences of random variables. Random processes. Mathematical models for random process analysis. Crossing and extremes of random processes. Tables of probability functions. Index.


    Guiliano Augusti, A. Baratta, F. Casciati