344 Pages 7 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    344 Pages 7 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to probation. It brings together themes of policy, theory and practice to help students and practitioners better understand the work of probation, its limitations, its potential, but above all its value.

    Setting probation in the context of the criminal justice system, the book explores its history, purposes and contemporary significance. It explains what probation is and the practical realities of working with offenders in the community. The book also covers the governance of probation and how policy and practice are responding to contemporary concerns about crime and community safety.

    This book encourages readers to appreciate the practical and theoretical strengths and shortcomings of contemporary probation practice. This revised and updated new edition includes a full description and discussion of recent reforms in the probation service and the Transforming Rehabilitation policy agenda. It also offers further discussion of international perspectives on probation, including international developments and collaborative efforts between countries.

    This book is essential reading for trainee probation officers and students taking courses on probation, offender management, treatment and rehabilitation, working with offenders and community justice.


    1. Probation and Criminal Justice

    2. Probation’s Histories

    3. Probation Values, Justice and Diversity

    4. Punishment, Sentencing and Probation

    5. Community Sentences and Probation’s Contribution to Sentencing

    6. Probation in Other Countries

    7. The Supervision of Offenders: What Works

    8. Desistance, Good Lives, Compliance and Motivation

    9. Probation, Risk and Public Protection

    10. Probation Practice: Offender Management

    11. Probation Practice: The ASPIRE Model

    12. Community Service

    13. Probation and Prison

    14. Victims, Probation and Criminal Justice

    15. Local and National, Public and Private

    16. Probation Staff and Culture





    Rob Canton is a former probation officer, who now teaches and researches at De Montfort University, Leicester. He has worked extensively with the Council of Europe and the EU to develop penal practices in several countries and contributed to framing the European Probation Rules and the European Rules on Community Sanctions and Measures. He also acted as Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee during their inquiry into the role of the probation service.

    Jane Dominey worked as a probation officer in a variety of settings before moving into higher education as a lecturer and programme leader in probation studies. She completed her PhD in 2015, researching the experience of probation supervision in the context of the increased use of voluntary sector organisations and private companies to deliver probation services. Probation practice, supervision in the community, and service user perspectives remain her key research interests.

    "Probation has been massively changed (or vandalised, more accurately) in the six short years since Canton’s book first appeared. This timely new edition retains and builds upon the virtues of the first edition – a knowledgeable review of policy, practice and evidence across the spectrum of probation work, while reflecting on the ‘transformation’ wrought by reforms of recent years. It will be a valuable resource for students, for probation officers in training and for academics – me, for one."

    - Graham Smyth, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University

    "This is a timely second edition of Probation. Canton and Dominey provide a clear-sighted account of a radically changed probation landscape in England and Wales since the reforms introduced under Transforming Rehabilitation. Their careful consideration of policy and practice makes this an essential read for all interested in community sanctions and criminal justice."

    - Nicola Carr, Associate Professor in Criminology, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham

    "This second issue of Probation provides a wonderfully detailed critical reflection of the development of probation services both nationally and internationally. Canton and Dominey are both eminent writers on the probation service and this volume is testament as to why this is the case. The book provides a timely and extremely valuable overview of probation work, contemporary debates the links between policy and practice. It is a must read for anyone interested in probation."

    - Christopher Kay, Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy, Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University