1st Edition

Problems of a New World (Routledge Revivals)

By J. Hobson Copyright 1921
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1921, Problems of a New World deals with the economic and political issues that arose from the First World War. The first three parts of the study consider the world before the war, and the interests, purposes and ideals which influenced the national psyche during the years which followed. In the final two parts, Hobson assesses the political and economic conditions confronted by the post-war world, with a particular focus on the impact of war on industry, labour and the ideals of nationhood. This is an important work, of great interest to modern European and economic historians and students.

    Preface; Part I: Collapse of the Old Order 1. The Surprise of 1914 2. Down the Rapids; Part II: The Civilian Mind 1. The Spirit of the Herd 2. Vainglory and Credulity 3. The Hysteria of Intolerance 4. The Submergence of Personality; Part III: The Tragi-Comedy of War-Idealism 1. Idealism of the Politicians 2. Idealism of the Peoples 3. The Acid Test 4. The Roots of Idealism 5. The Vindication of Idealism 6. The Exploitation of Ideals; Part IV: The New Industrial Revolution 1. The Challenge to Property 2. The Liberation of Labour 3. Revolution by Consent; Part V: A New World 1. Changes of National Status 2. A Sham League of Nations 3. The Achievement of Democracy 4. Self-Determination and Federalism 5. The Mutability of Human Nature 6. Problems of the New World; Index


    J.A. Hobson