1st Edition

Proceedings of the 1995 World Congress on Neural Networks

Edited By Joseph T. DeWitte Copyright 1996
    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Centered around major topic areas of both theoretical and practical importance, the World Congress on Neural Networks provides its registrants -- from a diverse background encompassing industry, academia, and government -- with the latest research and applications in the neural network field.

    Volume I Contents: CIRCUITS & SYSTEMS NEUROSCIENCE.Oral Presentations: L.M. Optican, Computational Field Theory of the Superior Colliculus. S. Grossberg, Self-Organizing Neural Networks for Multimodal Control of Saccadic Eye Movements. S. Cameron, S. Grossberg, F.H. Guenther, A Self-Organizing Heading and Depth Detection Network. G.L. Yuen, C. Keaton, Dynamic Current-voltage Characteristics in Nueronal Dendrites. K. Kilborn, R. Granger, Influence of LTP Priming and Decrement Rules on Temporal Association. J.G. Taylor, L. Michalis, Invariances, Expectations and the Consolidation of Memory: The Functional Role of the Hippocampus in Reinforcement Learning. MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS.Oral Presentations: A. Cheng, D.S. Yeung, Analyzing Sensitivity of Neocognitron to Weight Errors. T. Serrano-Gotarredona, B. Linares-Barranco, J.L. Huertas, A VLSI-friendly "Fast Learning" ART1 Algorithm. K. Tumer, J. Ghosh, Order Statisitics Combiners for Neural Classifiers. L. Xu, A Unified Learning Framework: Multisets Modeling Learning. M. Benaim, Global Asymptotic Properties of Learning Process. V. Kurkova, P.C. Kainen, V. Kreinovich, Dimension-independent Rates of Approximation by Neural Networks and Variation with Respect to Half Spaces. A. Sakurai, Polynomial Bounds on the VC-Dimension of Sigmoidal, Radial Basis Function, and Sigma-pi Networks. A. Blumberg, Intractability Results for Feed-Forward Neural Networks. S. Puechmorel, M. IbnKahla, Operator Valued Neural Networks. B. Kappen, Radil Basis Boltzmann Machines and Learning with Missing Values. K. Mathia, R. Saeks, Solving Nonlinear Equations Using Recurrent Neural Networks. F.C. Hoppensteadt, E. Izhikevich, Canonical Models for Bifurcations from Equilibrium in Weakly Connected Neural Networks. T.T. Lee, J.T. Jeng, C.L. Shih, Discretization of Continuous-Time Controllers Via Neural Networks. MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS.Poster Presentations: X. Liang, X. Wang, J. Bode, Study on Classes of Error Hypersurfaces in Feedforward Neural Networks. E.W. Lee, S.I. Chae, Quasi-Isometry and Its Application to Neural Networks: Estimation of the Minimal Feature Space Dimension. D.T. Lin, J.E. Dayhoff, Network Unfolding Algorithm and Complexity Analysis. A. Roy, A Neural Network Learning Theory. APPLICATIONS.Oral Presentations: S. Mohaghegh, S. Ameri, R. Arefi, Using Artificial Neural Networks to Increase Petroleum Production Efficiency. K. Kadowaki, Y. Ishida, Model Predictive Controller for Delayed Linear Systems Using Neural Netorks. B. Kim, G.S. May, Estimation of Weibull Distribution Parameters Using Modified Back-Propagation Neural Networks. V.M. Krasnopolsky, L.C. Breaker, Neural Networks as a Tool for Empirical Solution of Inverse Problems in Remote Sensing. D. Gibson, R. Poddar, G.S. May, M. Brooke, Using Neural Networks to Estimate Probability Density Distributions. H.C. Card, S.G. Kamarsu, Limited Precision Unsupervised Learning Algorithms for Speech Coding. B. Turner, D.C. Wunsch II, Identification of Choke Points in a Complex Logistics Optimization System. F. Pineda, K. Ryals, D. Steigerwald, P. Furth, Acoustic Transient Processing Using the Hopkins Electronic Ear. C.Y. Shen, Y.H. Pao, "Let the Data Speak for Themselves": A Neural-Net Computing Approach to Information Management. S.G. Kong, J.C. Kim, Y.H. Yoon, Adaptive Power System Stabilizer with Neural Network Parameter Tuning. Y.R. Asfour, G.A. Carpenter, S. Grossberg, Landsat Satellite Image Segmentation Using the Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network. J. Wolfer, J. Roberge, T. Grace, Learning Vector Quantization vs Mutlilayered Perceptrons for Classifying Ladsat Thematic Mapper Imagery. E.S. Olson, V. Cherkassy, D. Adkins, Learning Color Mapping from Samples. APPLICATIONS.Poster Presentations: A.N. Gorban, D.A. Rossiyev, E.V. Butakova, S.E. Gilev, S.E. Golovenkin, S.A. Dogadin, D.A. Kochenov, E.V. Maslennikova, G.V. Matyushin, Y.E. Mirkes, B.V. Nazarov, Medical and Physiological Applications of MultiNeuron Neural Simulator. S.G. Vakhrushev, D.A. Rossiev, G.I. Burenkov, L.A. Tropova, Neural-Network Forecasting of Optimal Parameters of Laserotherapy in Patients After Tonsillectomy. A.N. Gorban, C. Waxman, Neural Networks for Political Forecast. D.A. Rossiev, S.E. Golovenkin, V.A. Shulman, G.V. Matjushin, Forecasting of Myocardial Infraction Complications with the Help of Neural Networks. M. Schumann, R. Retzko, Solving Vehicle Routing Problems with Self Organizing Maps. M.G. Dorrer, A.N. Gorban, A.G. Kopytov, V.I. Zenkin, Psychological Intuition of Neural Networks. M.A. Rubin, Issues in Automatic Target Recognition from Radar Range Profiles Using Fuzzy ARTMAP. S. Garavaglia, A Case Study in the Design of Self-Organizing Maps Using Sammon's Map. S.P. Toulson, Forecasting Level and Volatility of Exchange Rates: A Comparative Study. R. Erenshteyn, R. Foulds, L. Messing, G. Stern, S. Galuska, Handshape Recognition - A Step Toward Computer Translation of American Sign Language into English. BIOLOGICAL VISION.Oral Presentations: S. Usui, S. Nakauchi, K. Takebe, Computation and Neural Network Models of Color Vision. R. Eckmiller, Towards Retina Implants for Improvement of Vision in Humans with Retinitis Pigmentosa - Challenges and First Results. C. Bandera, I.M. Conde, J. Jerez, M. Gonzalez, F.J. Vico, F. Ortega, A Multiacuity Connectionist Model for Attentional Control and Tracking. F.J. Vico, M. Jerez, I.M. Conde, M. Gonzalez, Modeling Synaptic Plasticity for Features Detection. V. Dragoi, Neural Dynamics of Form Perception: Geometrical Illusions and Aftereffects. K. Takebe, S. Nakauchi, S. Usui, A Computational Model for Color Constancy in Shadows. NEURO-DYNAMICS AND CHAOS.Oral Presentations: A. Hodge, R. Newcomb, VLSI Chaos Generation - Hysteresis and the Neural Type Cell. P.J. Palmadesso, J.E. Dayhoff, Attractor Locking in a Chaotic Network: Stimulus Patterns Evoke Limit Cycles. S. Campbell, D.L. Wang, Relaxation Oscillators with Time Delay Coupling. K. Aihara, Spatio-temporal Dynamics & Possible Computation in Chaotic Neural Networks. Y. Fang, T.G. Kincaid, M. Cohen, Three Classes of Winner-Take-All Neural Networks. D. DeMaris, Computing Shape Similarity with Chaotic Reaction Diffusion Spectra. L.R. Lancaster, L. Kay, W.J. Freeman, A New Attractor Analysis Technique Applied to Rat Olfactory System EEG. H. Lu, Z. He, Chaos with Cellular Neural Networks. N. Kanou, Y. Horio, Design of Current-Mode Transiently Chaotic Neural Networks for Traveling Salesman Problem. H.S. Del Nero, J.R. Piqueira, A. Maranca, L. Maciel, Psychiatric Aspects of a Syndrome-Type-Reduction Strategy Based upon Neurodynamics. Y. Tomikawa, K. Nakayama, A Recurrent Neural Network with Constraint Neurons Satisfying Inequality Conditions. I. Opris, A. Barborica, N. Rimbu, Activity Induced Self-organization Process of Nonlinear Oscillator Neural Network. NEURO-DYNAMICS AND CHAOS.Poster Presentations: M. Quoy, B. Doyon, M. Samuelides, Dimension Reduction by Learning in a Discrete Time Chaotic Neural Network. A. Garliauskas, M.M. Gupta, A Generalized Model of Synapse-Dendrite-Cell Body as a Complex Neuron. L. Jin, M.M. Gupta, P.N. Nikiforuk, Equilibrium Number of Analog Dynamic Neural Networks. V. Chinarov, Nonequilibrium Noisy Dynamics of Neural Networks. I. Opris, The Dynamics of Associative Memory with a Self-Consistent Noise. G. Deco, B. Schurmann, Unsupervised Neural Modeling of Chaotic Time Series. C.


    DeWitte, Joseph T.