Proceedings of the International Symposium on Design Review (Routledge Revivals) : University of Cincinnati, October 8-11, 1992 book cover
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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Design Review (Routledge Revivals)
University of Cincinnati, October 8-11, 1992

ISBN 9781138693197
Published January 15, 2018 by Routledge
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Book Description

First published in 1992, this book collects together the papers presented at the International Symposium on Design Review which was held to address the growing tendency of local governments to institute programs of aesthetic control. The editor argues that the widespread adoption of design review processes in the years preceding the conference necessitated thoroughgoing professional criticism and a number of areas of debate are identified and addressed in the subsequent papers. Are the difficulties experienced by planners, community activists and architects with the process due to its relative youth or inherent flaws in the entire concept? How should mechanical problems like time and expense, the ease with which the process can be manipulated, and general inefficiencies in the system be resolved? More intricate problems are also addressed, such as: who has the power to judge the aesthetic quality of a building, whether design review infringes on the rights of the individual especially under the First Amendment, whether the design review process is "fair", and the difficulty for the reviewer of deciding what is right and what is wrong having taken into account factors that can be highly subjective or contradict more practical concerns.

Table of Contents

1. Setting the Stage for Debate 2. Place-Making and Design Review 3. Design Review from the Inside? 4. Making Connections: An Integrated Approach to Urban Design Along the Highway 5. Democracy and Design 6. Principles and Concepts of Urban Design: Design Review in Germany 7. Urban Design Aesthetics: The Evaluative Qualities of Building Exteriors 8. Challenges to Design Review: Complexities and Contradictions in Lay Perceptions of Compatibility Among Buildings 9. All Buildings Great and Small: Design Review from High Rise to Houses 10. Design Review: A Theoretical Framework 11. Design Review: Underlying Assumptions on Substance and Process 12. Design as Action 13. The Validation of Computer Simulations for Design Guidelines Dispute Resolution 14. Visualisation and Policy Statements for Negotiated Outcomes in Design Control 15. Hypermedia Support for Design Review Decisions 16. Design Review and New Design in Historic Districts 17. Local Architectural Language as a Context for Design Review 18. Landmark Designation of Houses of Worship: Is It Constitutional? 19. Can the Process of Architectural Design Review Withstand Legal Scrutiny? 20. Disciplinary Society and the Myth of Aesthetic Justice- The Ideology of Architectural Review 21. Corrupting the Masses with Good Taste 22. The Structure of Esthetics and the Workings of Design Review 23. Designing Adaptable Communities 24. Beyond Design Review: Implications for Design Practice, Education, and Research 25. Event or Process: Concurrences and Conflicts in the Review of Urban Design 26. Private Design Review in Edge City 27. Toward Insuring Design Excellence in Academe: Design Review and the Public Campus 28. The Market as an Arbiter of the Built Environment 29. Battery Park City: An American Dream of Urbanism 30. Design Review of the Urban Infrastructure 31. Cultural Corridor: A Preservation District in Downtown Rio de Janeiro 32. Design Review Comes to Phoenix 33. Control Codes, Design Review and Political Compromise: Conclusions from Case Studies in Sydney 34. The City of Bern: Design Review from Patriciate to Democratic Government 35. Qualities and Values in Urban Design: The Rhetorics of Cities; Transformations in Traditional Danish Culture and of the City of the "Moderns" 36. Santa Fe Styles and Townscapes: The Search for Authenticity 37. The Crafted Word: Techniques for Developing Verbal Design Skills 38. The Case Study Method in Design Review: Methodological Considerations 39. Design Review and Conservation in England: Historical Development and Contemporary Relationship 40. What Can Design Review Learn From Development Control and Vice Versa? 41. Transforming Suburbia Through Design Review: Case Study: Bellevue, Washington 42. Urban Design Review in Cincinnati 43. The New England Life: Design Review in Boston 44. Ad Hoc at Work: An Analysis of Design Review for the Spokane Transit Center 45. Design Review and the Abuse of Discretionary Power 46. The Visionary Expert: An Historical Perspective on the Role of Design in the Development of City Planning 47. The Role of Aesthetic Detailing in Design 48.Returning to Good Old Patterns - To Market Squares 49. Dollars for Design: A Case Study of Design Review in a Facade Rebate Program (Wilmette, Illinois)

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