1st Edition

Process Implementation Through 5S Laying the Foundation for Lean

By Drew Willis Copyright 2016
    128 Pages 17 Color & 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    130 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Process Implementation Through 5S: Laying the Foundation for Lean explains how to implement standardized work and visual controls through Plan–Do–Check–Adjust (PDCA). The author uses PDCA to outline the book and explains how 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) and Standardization are not only foundational parts of the PDCA for your Lean transformation, but are actually PDCA processes within themselves.

    The book provides a road map to implement new processes. In addition, it shows how this same implementation process can be used to shore up existing processes and improve upon them. Once you walk through this process with your team, you not only will have laid the foundation for Lean in your organization, but will have laid the foundation for PDCA and for building an army of problem solvers. This transformation is what ultimately will add value to your customer base and drive the business results you are looking for.

    These Lean tools are not an end to a means, but rather a means to an end. The purpose is not to implement these tools, check off the box, and then move on to the next area. Rather, they are tools designed to engage your team and help your team see problems, which you then can solve. This is the continuous improvement culture most organizations and Lean leaders seek.

    Overview of the Process
    5S Overview
    Standardized Work Overview
    Format of This Book


    Identify the Area
    Reactive Process Implementation
    Proactive Process Implementation

    Get a Team

    Assess Current State and Set the Goal
    Determine If You Have Stability
    Set the Goal

    Document and Analyze the Processes
    Watch the Work
    Document the Steps of the Process and Ask Questions

    Meet with Your Group and Assign Action Items


    Implement a Pilot

    Implement the Final Process, Share Success, and Begin the Next Process
    Visual Controls
    Standardized Work
    Assess Your Goal


    Standardized Work
    5S Audits


    Training Standardized Work
    How to Instruct
    MFWC—Multi-Function Worker Chart




    Drew Willis

    "Drew Willis, with his hands-on floor experience at Toyota, has captured the essence of ‘getting started’ on your Lean journey in any industry."
    Michael Hoseus, Lean practitioner and award-winning author