1st Edition

Process and Experience in the Language Classroom

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    Process and Experience in the Language Classroom argues the case for communicative language teaching as an experiential and task driven learning process.

    The authors raise important questions regarding the theoretical discussion of communicative competence and current classroom practice. They propose ways in which Communicative Language Teaching should develop within an educational model of theory and practice, incorporating traditions of experimental and practical learning and illustrated from a wide range of international sources. Building on a critical review of recent language teaching principles and practice, they provide selection criteria for classroom activities based on a typology of communicative tasks drawn from classroom experience. The authors also discuss practical attempts to utilise project tasks both as a means of realising task based language learning and of redefining the roles of teacher and learner within a jointly constructed curriculum.


    1. The modern language classroom - the case of the outmoded paradigm
    2. Theme-centred interaction in the L2 classroom
    3. From "Humanism" into the classroom - critical criteria
    4. Building bricks - communicative learning tasks
    5. Learning in projects - overview
    6. Issues in project learning
    7. Learner education
    8. Teacher education



    Michael Legutke, Howard Thomas, Christopher N. Candlin