1st Edition

Procopius and the Sixth Century

By Averil Cameron Copyright 1996
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published by Duckworth and the University of California Press, Procopius is now available for the first time in paperback. Professor Cameron emphasises the essential unity of Procopius' three works and, starting from the `minor' ones, demonstrates their intimate connection with the Wars. Procopius' writings are seen to comprise a subtle whole; only if they are understood in this way can their historical value be properly appreciated. The result is a new evaluation of Procopius which will be central to any future history of the sixth century.

    Introduction Part One 1. Procopius: the Problem 2. Procopius and the Crisis of Sixth-Century Literature 3. The Discourse of Procopius Part Two 4. Procopius and the Secret History 5. Procopius and Theodora 6. Procopius and the Buildings 7. Procopius and Christianity 8. The Historian of the Wars 9. Procopius and the Persian Wars 10. Procopius and Africa 11. Procopius and Italy 12. Times and Places Part Three 13. The World of Procopius 14. Procopius and Sixth-Century Political Thought, Conclusion


    Averil Cameron

    'A grand synthesis, a rational scheme for understanding Procopius, his works, the sixth century, and late antiquity in general. Throughout, Cameron's grasp of the subject is masterfully intuitive and rates as intellectual dynamite.' - American Historical Review

    'Averil Cameron has made a major contribution towards the understanding of a period that is as fascinating as it is opaque.' - Cyril Mango, Times Literary Supplement

    'Professor Cameron's prose is always lucid and her procedures carefully and consistently applied.' - Jane Gardner, British Book News

    'A book which will be indispensable for students of the age of Justinian, as well as those of Greco-Roman historiography, and which will surely remain so for a long time.' - Journal of Hellenic Studies

    'The appearance of a paperback edition of Cameron's study at an affordable price is very welcome to students of western Europe as well as of Byzantium.' - Early Medieval Europe